Top 15 Packaging Design Trends 2023

Packaging Design Trends

It takes a lot of energy and intensity to captivate and maintain the interest of your customers. In other words, it’s tactical and highly competitive, which can only be achieved by keeping up with current design trends. On the other hand, packaging trends are continuously changing as marketers and designers experiment with new tools and concepts. So, to make your brand successful, it is also necessary to stay abreast of the latest packaging trends.

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Top 15 Packaging Design Trends

Here are the top 15 impressive and exemplary Packaging design ideas given below.  

  • Texture with a tactile feel
  • Creative Fonts
  • Eco-friendly Packaging
  • Transparent packaging
  • Wraparound Patterns
  •  Using Bold and Vibrant colors
  •  Simplistic designs
  • Bringing Cartoons and Animes to Packaging
  • Use of QR codes
  • Retro-future 60s
  • Custom stickers
  • Hand-drawn Art
  • Black and White design
  • Using Foil Stamping
  • Protective Packaging

1. Texture with a tactile feel

A tactile texture is one way brands ensure their packaging stands out. 

Packaging is becoming more textured thanks to embossing and debossing, die-cutting, and foil printing. Using these printing techniques on labels and packaging always boosts product appeal and value, as they look pretty elegant and are associated with high-end products.

2. Creative Fonts

Customers usually find your product by reading the brand or product name. In this way, fonts are the only way you can talk to your customers, so they must have good font and bold designs that can be seen from far away, and customers can easily find your product in dozens of other brands.

Moreover, you can also use text-centric packaging ideas, which is also a reasonable consideration. In this way, packaging can be refreshed through the use of contrasting colors and the placement of text at the forefront.  

3. Eco-friendly Packaging

The most significant trend of the 2023 is the sustainable packaging. People are now well aware of the impact of non-recyclable materials on the environment. They want a healthy environment; that’s why they prefer going with recyclable and decomposable packaging. 

Therefore, using eco-friendly packing materials for your products is a reasonable consideration. It will not only preserve the environment but also act as a marketing tool for your business, increasing sales.

Moreover, the eco-trend is taking another step forward by utilizing natural, earthy colors in addition to eliminating environment-harming plastics. Although this trend is primarily common in the organic food and cosmetics industry but, recently, non-organic brands are also using this idea. To demonstrate your brand’s commitment to sustainability, you can use colors such as browns, blues, and greens.

4. Transparent packaging

Brands that are honest and authentic are in high demand in our society. In this regard, using transparent packaging is also an excellent idea to attract customers. By doing so, customers can see what they are buying, the product’s quality, quantity, etc., helping them decide what to purchase. It will also create a strong relationship of respect and trust between the brand and its customers. It is primarily used in food and drink products and in health and fitness products. 

5. Wraparound Patterns

A wraparound pattern is referred to as a single pattern that covers the entire packaging from front to back. Because of the fluidity of wraparound patterns, they look naturally eye-catching, which is also why they are high in trend. 

Moreover, the majority of business uses labels for the wraparound purpose, which is affordable yet looks natural and engaging. In short, if you want your product lineup to look nice, then you can consider these patterns for your product packaging.

6. Using Bold and Vibrant colors

Currently, minimalism is in vogue, as well as ecstatic colors. In this fast pace of life, for a business to be successful, grabbing the attention of potential customers is necessary, which is possible with the use of loud colors.

Moreover, there is no doubt that colors can have a significant impact on our moods. Using this tactic, brands create emotional connections with consumers, making them feel uplifted and happy before even opening the package. As a result, your product leaves a lasting impression on the customer.

7. Simplistic designs

There is always a belief that things that are funky, colorful, or bold will get people’s attention. But standing out can sometimes be as simple as keeping it simple. This idea has a flawless and timeless look, resulting in enhancing the brand identity. 

In addition to being budget-friendly, it will take less time to design. These simplest designs also have the capacity to develop a sense of trust in customers’ minds, leading to growth in business and increased repeated sales rates.

8. Bringing Cartoons and Animes to Packaging

The appeal of cartoons and animes is not merely nostalgic but also comforting and welcoming. They vary widely in their styles, but at their core, they are about minimalist lines that effortlessly express an object’s essence and the mood around it. 

Therefore, you can use cartoon and anime characters; in this way, people will easily connect with your product. Aside from this idea, it will also reinforce your brand recognition and awareness, ultimately helping in business growth.

9. Use of QR codes

It is essential for brands to be authentic, as people only value those who are honest, sincere, and genuine. You should, therefore, make sure that your packaging complements your marketing message. The majority of companies today want easy success, so they copy and sell fake products under the names of other brands. 

These counterfeit products are now increasing day by day, and it isn’t easy to distinguish them from original products. It is possible to use QR codes so that customers can easily differentiate genuine products from fakes. They are the best way to authenticate authentic products. Lastly, you can also use them to tell your brand story in order to create trust and connection.

10. Retro-future 60s

In some cases, design trends are timeless. The same goes for the 60s design and trends. A variety of industries are benefitting from this design trend, which uses wavy typefaces, funky designs, and pops of color. 

This style recalls a time when people were carefree and fun-loving; that is why, in 2023, it is expected to see a large number of designs inspired by 1960s punk designs. In a spirited way, brands can also use symbols and bold fonts in order to catch more audiences.

11. Custom Stickers

Stickers are the most affordable and successful marketing tool. They will increase your brand identity and awareness. You can also use them to show your brand’s exclusive things or discounted items.  

Moreover, as with other trends that rely on nostalgia, stickers offer both entertainment and escapism from today’s challenges. Also, they ensure your message is delivered authentically to your audience. Lastly, they also ensure the safety and security of the package, improving user and delivery experience.

12. Hand-drawn Art 

It has always been a customer favorite to purchase products that are handmade. Therefore, it’s no surprise that packaging with hand-drawn illustrations is in demand. Consequently, it is a reasonable consideration for candle, oil, hygiene products, and cosmetics businesses.

Adding a personal touch to packaging design with rough, sketch-like lines is the key to the style. Moreover, this style will add more value for the customer’s increasing trust and loyalty. 

13. Black and White design

There is usually a sense of elegance associated with black-and-white packaging designs. There are many mysteries and levels of sophistication associated with these colors, as well as the belief that this design is a sign of class and luxury. Additionally, it can evoke a variety of feelings with its limitless psychology that keeps the customer engaged for a more extended period.

14. Using Foil Stamping

To give a royal and glossy look to your simple product packaging, you can foil stamping. Although gold and silver foiling are the most used ones, every color has its own elegance and charm. They are available in almost all colors depending on the personal preferences of which color they want to use. Additionally, if you desire to give a royal and luxurious look to your product, then consider foil stamping, which will increase its visual appeal and engagement. 

15. Protective Packaging

Customer is spending a lot of time and money on one product, so it is essential for a business to deliver a functional product, which is possible through using appropriate packaging. 

In spite of the fact that packaging can appear too simple when you prioritize product security over design, however, you can overcome this situation by using the custom designed box. Notably, depending on the size and shape of your product, you can modify them. Furthermore, you will be able to select the packaging material and its design in accordance with your reference.

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