Apple Packaging: What Kind of Packaging Do They Use

Apple Packaging

Everyone knows how premium Apple is. We must also say that their packaging is as premium as their brand. Apple aims to provide packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly for their product. They just don’t focus on delivering the best products in the world, but they also focus on providing the best products for the world.

According to Apple insiders, Apple shipped around 234.6 million iPhones worldwide in 2023, making it one of the largest smartphone manufacturers. One thing other than manufacturing iPhones or other Apple products that makes them stand out is their admiration for keeping their packaging simple yet premium.

As a business owner, you want to make sure your customers enjoy the unboxing experience.
You want them to see your product as elite. How can you get Apple-quality packaging?

In this guide, we’ll look at Apple’s excellent packaging, what makes it special, how you can emulate their customer’s experience, and what you can do to extend their sustainability efforts.

What makes Apple’s packaging so Premium?

Apple products, from iPhone to MacBook, embody sleek design and intuitive functionality. Their packaging perfectly mirrors this philosophy. Consider the Apple Watch box – a minimalist masterpiece that whispers sophistication before you even see the product.

Apple’s packaging isn’t just about looks; it’s a tactile, sensory experience. The smooth, uncluttered surfaces, the precise way components fit together, and the satisfying weight as you lift the lid – all create a sense of anticipation and reinforce the premium nature of the product you’ve purchased.

This level of excellence is no accident. Apple dedicates entire teams to designing, engineering and testing their packaging. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the unboxing experience reinforces the brand’s reputation for quality and luxury.

While smaller businesses may not match Apple’s vast resources, there are key principles you can learn from their packaging approach:

  • Minimalism: Eliminate unnecessary clutter and focus on clean lines and simple shapes. This highlights the product and creates a sense of refinement.
  • Quality Materials: Invest in premium paper stock, sturdy boxes, and protective inserts that feel good to the touch.
  • Precision: Ensure every element fits snugly, showcasing care and craftsmanship. A little extra effort here makes a big difference in perceived value.
  • The Sensory Element: A subtle scent, a textured finish, or even a satisfying ‘click’ when opening the box could add another layer to the unboxing experience.

By adopting Apple’s focus on design, quality, and the overall unboxing experience, you can elevate your brand’s packaging and create a lasting impression on your customers.

Why Apple Uses Rigid Boxes

Apple uses premium quality rigid boxes to showcase and store its products. The packaging material they use is high-quality, so they can ensure their products are well-protected and make a great first impression.

Among other products, Apple’s Macbook and iPhone are the ones that get packaged in full-cover rigid boxes with lids and bases.

Moreover, for easy recognition, the packaging typically comes in black or white with an embossed image of the product. Apple ensures a stylish finish by using a beautiful matte texture on their boxes.

With years of experience in manufacturing and packaging, Apple leverages its expertise to craft top-notch designs for its boxes. Their packaging stands out in the industry and is known for being attractive, practical, and long-lasting.

While the design of Apple’s boxes is meticulously planned, it’s essential to delve into the contents as well. The following section will introduce you to the often-overlooked pulp inlay.

What is a pulp inlay?

Pulp inlay in simple terms is a tray of fiber-based paper that holds your products, similar to what you find in egg cartons.

Creating these pulp inlays may seem straightforward, but there’s more complexity involved. A mold is essential to shape the pulp inlay. The catch? A single mold, necessary for crafting the inlay, can cost a hefty USD 4000 without considering production costs.

What sets these pulp inlays apart is their inflexibility. Once designed, the shape remains fixed. Brands must carefully plan their packaging around the inlay, ensuring the box dimensions align perfectly. A slight 1-2 mm adjustment would demand a new mold and additional fees.

Apple, known for precision, has meticulously designed and molded inlays that cradle various products, from iPhones to AirPods. Interestingly, Apple’s inlays don’t lock products in place like traditional inserts. Instead, they use clever tactics like placing instruction leaflets on top and designing the box lid to fit precisely, ensuring products stay put. It’s all about the details!

While Apple’s pulp inlays are recyclable and premium, they come with a higher price tag than alternatives like paperboard, cardboard, or foam. Many brands aspire to use Apple’s approach despite the cost, acknowledging the tradeoffs involved.

Where to Order Custom Packaging Like Apple’s

Are you looking for packaging precisely like Apple’s, or will something similar in style be sufficient?

If your business needs more money to invest in Apple-like packaging, the latter is more likely. For a luxurious unboxing experience, you can select from various rigid boxes, including magnetic ones. You can keep your products safely in place while in transit using custom box inserts made of paperboard, cardboard, or foam instead of pulp inlays.

At CustomBoxMakers, our mission is to assist you in crafting an exceptional unboxing experience, offering packaging that mirrors the quality of Apple’s at an affordable cost.

Are you eager to begin? Explore diverse products and take packaging to new heights.

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