What is Dieline in Packaging?

If you’re involved in creating custom packaging, you might come across the term “dieline” quite often. It may sound like a complex term, but it is actually quite simple. Let me explain What Dielie is.

Mailer Box Dieline

Why is a Dieline so important?

It is a precise blueprint that visually represents your packaging’s size, shape, and structure for both designers and manufacturers. And investing in a unique dieline design can make your product set apart from the rest!

Dielines illustrate all the cutting and folding lines in the flat version of your packaging, making it easier to create artwork that aligns perfectly. 

By examining your dielines, you can see how your artwork will appear on the final product. It allows you to identify and fix any errors before moving forward with mass production.

Different types of lines on a dieline

If you ever come across a dieline, it has different colored lines, and each serves a specific purpose. Let me elaborate on these lines for your understanding.

  • Safety Area: These are dark blue colored lines that act as guides to ensure that crucial elements of the artwork remain intact.
  • Cutting and Folding Lines: The lines in red indicate the exact locations for folding and cutting.
  • Bleed lines: The lines in light blue help ensure extra space is available in the middle of the artwork and substrate to control flaws and create a high-quality product.
  • Glue Tabs: These lines are in yellow and show where to put the adhesive tape to glue.

How to Customize a Dieline?

Customizing a dieline is an excellent way to create distinctive packaging for your product. If you have a specific box shape in mind, start by accurately measuring your product. Many graphic software programs like Adobe Illustrator make this process straightforward.

With its user-friendly tools and templates, Adobe Illustrator can simplify the design process.

To maintain straight edges and guidelines, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new layer by clicking on the layer option.
  2. A dialogue box will appear that allows you to specify the desired width for your guidelines (e.g., “1mm”). Press Enter.
  3. The next steps closely resemble those you’d follow in CorelDraw or similar software.

Need Design Assistance For Your Dieline Packaging?

If you need help creating your custom dieline packaging, we are here to cover you in this. Our skilled design team at CBM is here to help you bring your ideas to life. Feel free to contact us for your customized dieline design needs today. We’re always happy to help!


Q1. How is a dieline different from a mockup?

A dieline serves as a 2D representation of packaging design, while a mockup conveys it in a 3D format.

Q2.What factors should be taken into account when designing a dieline?

When you’re designing a dieline, it is essential to keep in mind the shape, size, and material of the packaging you’re working with. 

Q3. How can I ensure that my dieline is feasible before proceeding with manufacturing?

You can create a prototype using the dieline before moving forward with production. In this way, you can make any necessary adjustments to the dieline and rest assured that your final product will be perfect.

Q4. How can I ensure that my dieline is properly prepared for printing?

If you want to make sure that your dieline is ready for printing, keep in mind the image resolution, as well as the color mode and file format.

I review the final print job and oversee the quality control process. Oversee the overall operation, monitor schedules, and ensure projects meet deadlines.

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