Get Your Own Custom Boxes

Get custom-printed boxes wholesale for your products to deliver a remarkable unboxing experience. Share your ideas with us and get an instant quote for custom boxes your customers will love.


We Deliver What We Promise

Custom Size and Style

Free Graphic Designing

Free Shipping

No Die & Plate Charges

Starting from 100 boxes

Quick Turn Around

Get the Most Out of Custom Boxes with CBM

We offer you all sorts of custom boxes in various designs and styles. We understand that every business needs custom box solutions with attractive designs that can attract potential buyers.

Our experts can manufacture custom boxes in any size, shape, color, and style as per your brand requirement. And for that, we use the latest printing techniques, such as CMYK and Pantone (PMS). Whether you need packaging for retail or wholesale, we will cater to all your needs accordingly. 

Brand Uplift through Custom Boxes with Logo

At CBM, you’ll find various customization options that give your boxes a distinctive charm. We believe custom packaging can add personality to your brand while increasing its visibility and appearance. With our custom-printed boxes, you can display your brand name, logo, and message inside and outside the box.

Also, you can create your own custom box design. A unique unboxing experience for your customers is provided by this process, which requires minimal effort. Moreover, we ensure that any custom box printing or design we provide is of high-quality material to suit your brand needs.

Custom Box Styles to Captivate Your Target Audience

We specialize in all sorts of box styles for all industries. With a vast clientele, we can develop any kind of custom box you have in mind. Even if you do not have a clear picture in mind, we have an extensive library of free mockup designs and templates. You can choose any style that suits your business needs.

Wholesale Custom Boxes for a Perfect Brand Launch

Only an experienced manufacturer knows how to deal with the style and design of your packaging for the best results. With years of experience on our backs, we have an edge in that department too. Our team will create extravagant designs that have excellent printing outcomes. Whether you need custom boxes at wholesale in which style or layout, we will bring it to life. Once you contact us for a packaging solution, we will interact with you to get an idea of your plan.

After you share with us what you have in mind, our experts will finalize its blueprint. It is then we start working on your personalized boxes project. You get a fully personalized plan according to your product needs. Even if you have specific requirements, you can share them with us, and we will try to implement them. That way, we accomplish all our goals to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Why Choose CBM for Box Manufacture?

We are your ultimate destination if you are looking for an affordable and fast-paced box manufacturer. With years of experience on our backs, we have an edge in manufacturing custom boxes. We make sure that all our customers are satisfied with our services. Though we have discussed many of our competitive edges in the above detail, below are the most prominent aspects of our service

No Minimum Order

We do not have any minimum order restrictions. However, we recommend ordering at least 100 boxes for your convenience and time-saving.

Free Shipment & Fast Delivery

We would never charge you for the logistics and deliveries. You get all your shipments free of cost in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Free Graphic Designing

All our design and styling services are complimentary. So even if you already have a design, we would modify it for free as your ultimate box maker.

Custom Size and Style

That is the essential part of any packaging service. We take special care that you get all your designs in custom style and size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a sample before making a bulk purchase?

Yes, you can purchase a physical sample of your order before ordering in bulk; once you’re satisfied with the result, we can proceed further with the manufacturing process.

What is your MOQ (minimum order quantity) policy?

We do not have any minimum order quantity policy; you can order as many boxes as you desire. Please note the price may vary from per piece to bulk.

Can I send you my artwork and die-line template?

Yes, you can. You can share the dieline template or artwork with our design support, and they’ll assist you further regarding the format and resolution requirements.

Do I have to pay for plates or die charges?

No, we do not require any charges for plates or dies. There are no hidden charges.

What is the shipping time?

Our shipping process starts as soon as your packaging order is fully manufactured. We take 8-10 business days to deliver your packaging to your doorstep. Exceptions can be made if it’s a rush order.

What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time starts as soon as we get confirmation from the client; we take 7-10 business days to manufacture your packaging order. You may contact our chat support to have a more accurate timeline for your order processing.

Will you review my artwork before printing?

Yes. Our team will review the artwork file sent to us before we begin printing.

Is there a way to decrease my box price per unit?

Yes, you can decrease your price per unit by considering these factors. First, you can order your packaging in bulk quantity to have a wholesale rate. Secondly, the materials, sizes, and add-ons & finishes you select for your custom boxes also influence your pricing.

Do you offer graphic design support?

Yes, we offer free graphic design and layout support. We can also edit and groom a plan that you had from some other source.

What is your company's blind shipping policy?

Yes, we do provide bling shipping. It would not be apparent to the recipient that the parcel is delivered from Custom Box Makers. However, Terms & Conditions apply.

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Stephanie Cutler

My experience with Custom Box Makers has been an outstanding one. They provide me with all the packaging facilities under a single roof. No matter whether I need a supply stock or design and layout assistance, they have all that ready at hand for me. I highly recommend this company because of their thoughtful and helpful customer service.

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I am a newcomer to their list of clientele, but I am happy to announce that I will carry on all my business deals with CBM. There are many reasons for it, on the top is their top-notch services and customer satisfaction policy. You can also trust them for any service related to the packaging industry. I am sure that their highly proficient team will not disappoint you at any stage.

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Raymond Smith

We loved our final product with Custom Box Makers. Michael was able to help us create and execute a design by us handing off screenshots of our vision. Easy to work with and fast delivery!

Sara Jemison

They made our company special corrugated business cards we could not find anywhere else. They were very helpful with the design process and communication is always quick & easy. The cards came out great and we always get complimented on them. We will continue to order from them in the future and would highly recommend.

Carrie Suda