What is UV Printing?


UV printing, also known as Spot UV coating, is a type of coating that becomes transparent when applied. It is cured and hardened using UltraViolet light.  This cool technique has been gaining popularity lately because it can make your printed packaging materials look super fancy! It involves adding a clear and shiny UV varnish to […]

What is Hot Foil Stamping?

Hot foil stamping is a fantastic technique that uses heat and pressure to add metallic embellishments to brand logos and packaging artwork. It is a popular choice for luxury and cosmetic packaging and a great way to enhance your brand identity. Hot foil stamping is an amazing technique used in various industries. From food and […]

Types of Addons in The Packaging Industry

No matter what you sell, you ultimately need outclass packaging for your product’s safety and attractive display. If you want to make your product packaging look even better and work more effectively, try using some addons to spruce it up. They can really compliment your packaging and make it stand out! Addons come in a […]

What is Embossing & Debossing?

Have you heard the terms of embossing and debossing for the first time? It means you are new in the packaging industry! The very famous embossing and debossing are the techniques that are used to give your packaging the most premium and luxurious look.  In short, these embellishments can make an image stand out, giving […]