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Invitation Boxes

Make your visitors feel special when you welcome them to celebrate with you. Other than arranging a gathering, another area in which numerous people experience difficulty is sending out invitation cards. With invitation boxes, you can get your guests excited and enthusiastic for a wondrous gathering. In any case, when the need emerges, CUSTOM BOX MAKERS is always available to help you make custom invitation boxes of your liking. The custom packaging boxes are a marvelous alternative to envelopes. Everybody wants to make their gatherings more eventful and memorable for their family and friends. For this reason, they try to carry out these occasions in a unique yet remarkable manner. Custom invitation boxes are made with premium materials to secure invitation cards and bring joy to the receiver. You can use these boxes for weddings, baby shower, birthday parties, and graduation parties. An elegant invitation box will place the recipient in good spirit before the big day. Sometimes, the invitation received for an event is kept as a souvenir, to keep the memories alive. Custom invitation boxes are quickly making their way towards fame among the majority. They are accessible in all shapes and sizes, with endless printing and styling options.



Make Any Event Even More Special With Custom Invitation Boxes

Inviting someone to your special occasion is a peculiar decision and you are expected to be as creative as you can. It is something that is remembered by the people you invite and you must do your best to make it memorable. The invitation is thought to be the first step towards any event and if it is an attractive one people are expected to attend the event just to appreciate your effort. An amazing way to make your invitation special is by using custom invitation boxes. These boxes carrying your invitations would make it a surprise that would make your family, friends, or colleagues extremely happy.

Create a Great Impact With Amazing Invitation Boxes

The main thing is to make the event something that they haven’t experienced before and you can start it with the invitations. It is all about creating a great impact and we can help you out. The customization of the invitation boxes means that you have the freedom to decide everything. The length and width of the card would also be according to your requirements. In addition to this, you can choose the color according to the color theme of your event. It is like creating your art piece but with a lot of help from our side.

Make Custom Invitation Boxes Even More Beautiful With Multiple Add-ons

The invitation boxes you are going to create would be different from what your loved ones or colleagues have ever seen before. This could be your way of thanking them by going the extra mile. You can include various add-ons to the boxes as well, for example, you can add bows, ribbons, or even gold foil to these boxes. The material is of your choice as well. You can put your name on the boxes or any other information you think should be on the box. It is possible to get boxes with a see-through window so the person receiving it can see the invite before even opening the box.

Design the Boxes Your Way

An interesting thing is that all the design help would be provided to you and it is totally free of cost. If you have a design in mind, it is well and good but if you don’t have anything in mind we would design it for you. Our esteemed designers have been working in this industry for a number of years and they have designed beautiful invitation boxes for hundreds of clients. You would be provided complete support and you would be involved in the whole process until you receive your order at your doorstep.

Eco-Friendly Process

Any manufacturing process takes quite a lot of effort and machinery is involved at every step of the way. It is important that the material being used isn’t harmful to our environment. The custom invitation boxes we create are completely recyclable and the whole process is eco-friendly.

High-Quality Printing

We provide high-quality printing quality and use premium quality material in the invitation boxes. The cutting and dye quality we have is unmatched in the market. You would be surprised to know that we don’t charge you for the cutting and dye process. It is completely on the house.

Save Money With Invitation Boxes Wholesale Packages

Save quite a handsome amount of money by choosing one of our invitation boxes wholesale packages. These packages are specially designed for our valued customers and you would get astounding discounts on the standard price of the boxes. You can order even 100 boxes and get an amazing price as we are always available to facilitate our customers.

Quick Turnaround

Once you have confirmed the order you would receive it within 8 to 10 business days at your doorstep. You can provide us with an address and we will ship it to you anywhere you want without any shipping cost.

24/7 Active Customer Support

Our customer support representatives are available to answer your queries 24/7. You can get a quote directly from our website or you can talk to our customer support team in case you have any queries regarding any part of the process.

Your Chance to Shine With Innovative Invitation Boxes

Double the excitement of any event by choosing custom invitation boxes that are created totally according to your requirements. The add ons option gives you hundreds of choices that would definitely attract appreciation from the ones receiving these special invitations. It is your chance to shine and we would love to assist you in every possible way.