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Pillow Boxes

Giving a gift to your dear and loved ones in a creative way is one of the topmost priority for everybody. New and improved box styles are coming into the market, almost every day. Custom pillow boxes are very prominent among gift packaging these days. These pillow packaging boxes have an elegant exterior and can meet the needs of packaging in a classy and unique way. You can have these boxes customized according to your requirements. Custom pillow boxes can be printed with embellishing print styles, and are available in many shapes and sizes. CUSTOM BOX MAKERS is a quality driven company that has always been admired by clients for its custom packaging services. We utilize our designer’s dedication to make custom boxes in different sizes, shapes, styles, and versatile designs. This way, we can carve the owner’s business identity in this ambitious world. The team at CUSTOM BOX MAKERS is continually eager to make something new for respective clients, and the best thing about our team is that they detest dullness. All you need to do is make your way towards our door, and we will serve you with not only the best but rather the ideal!



Custom pillow boxes – A door to open up your business revenue to the next level

Gorgeous-looking boxes make people want to purchase the product — regardless of the kind of it. Eye-catching boxes make people believe that the item is better, and they should grab it without fooling around much. When it comes to packaging, there is undeniably no better option than the custom pillow boxes.

Product packaging is ultra-important when it comes to marketing a brand. You know what a memorable presentation positively affects perception and keeps customers returning again and again.

Do you have a retail store or an eCommerce shop, or something else, a pillow box can prove a golden egg for your revenue generation.

What exactly is the custom pillow boxes?

Pillow pack are a specialized and elegant package that works super perfectly for mini and lighter items, such as gift cards, jewelry, candy, etc. They look like a miniature cardboard pillow, along with interlocking tabs the for safekeeping of content into it. Pillow pack are increasingly getting popular in the market as their appearance seems attractive.

On the one hand, small pillow boxes work ideally for lingerie, jewelry gifts, scarves, candy, and favors. On the other hand, larger-sized pillow packaging are viable for apparel and retail items.

Pillow packaging boxes come in varying sizes and shapes. Also, they come in with and without a handle contingent upon the intended use.

Choices are many when it comes to its materials

Unlike other packaging box, which are manufactured from only one material, the options are multiple as far as the manufacturing of pillow box packaging is concerned. You can expect pillow boxes made from different kinds of materials, such as cardboard boxes or kraft pillow boxes.

Each material has different advantages. For example, some of the materials tender long durability, while others are lightweight. Also, a few of them share both qualities.

Kraft and cardboard are the most often used material when it comes to pillow packaging. Luckily, both are eco-friendly and user-friendly, meaning you can easily carry them. The inherent good quality of these materials is reusability. Also, they are easy to lift and load since they are lightweight.

Dual-use and straightforward access to product

The usefulness of pillow boxes does not stop at one place. In fact, you can use it for a wide range of products. Along with packaging goods for sale, you can use them for special occasions as gift packaging.

You heard it right. In reality, many people like receiving gifts in pillow boxes. You might have noticed it had you ever witnessed the sharing of presents among people. This trend is not too old, and it will only increase by all accounts. The outstanding quality of the pillow packaging is its beauty in simplicity. Even more than that, you can turn the usual pillow box into a seasonal or special-occasion box conveniently.

Unlike conventional boxes, a consumer does not have to unpack layers after layers of packaging. In fact, a giftee can access the item quickly. Usually, the pillow packaging can have top, front, or flaps closures as well.

Customization of pillow boxes choices 

Pillow boxes are more helpful than your expectation. Firstly, these boxes cost peanuts compared to other packaging boxes. Along with it, you can customize it so conveniently.

It can accommodate all kinds of items. Even more than that, you can expect to die cuttings to it. It is relatively easy to do multiple designs like window openings and different attachments on it. With window openings covered with a transparent sheet, you can let the customer see through the product without opening the package. That’s why these designs make the box more cool and useful.

Limited material application 

The quantity of material matters a lot when you want to have it in bulk. It is not only the nature of the material that is just essential for manufacturing packaging boxes.

It is quite a well-known fact that quality is directly proportional to the material used in the box. But here is the catch: as the amount of material increases, its weight of it also goes up.

Pillow packages come conveniently for this purpose. In the pillow boxes, only less material for manufacturing is needed, yet you will get quality boxes. Gladly, it will decrease the cost of manufacturing, and you buy wholesale at affordable rates.

This makes it the best choice for both small and large-size businesses. You can end up saving enormous money while using it in the packaging of your products. It benefits the customers as well since the low price of packages also causes a decline in the selling price of the items.

Noteworthy point

The synergy of shape distinction and customizability of the boxes set custom pillow packaging stand apart. You can include your brand logo and other artwork on the boxes, and it can play out as a marketing tool for you. Without doing much, your brand will get recognition, and your sales will go up exponentially.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom pillow box?

A custom pillow box is a packaging tool. It is a smart alternative to the traditional boxes and cartons. The pillow box is made of paperboard, which is stronger than cardboard and lighter than other common materials like plastic. The name “pillow” comes from the fact that the shape of this package resembles a pillow (the thick part is on top).

The custom pillow boxes are typically used for shipping because they offer protection against shock and vibration. As well as increase space efficiency within transportation vehicles. They also provide an aesthetic appeal that appeals to customers. This makes it great to give as a gift, and great for retail as well.

Some companies use pillow retail boxes to attract customers’ attention and highlight their brand on the market.

What are custom pillow boxes used for?

Custom pillow store display boxes are a great way to promote products, especially if you are using them for gift items. The custom pillow storage boxes give the gift an extra special touch. Thus, making it more memorable for the recipient.

The pillow style boxes are also perfect for retail purposes. Especially if you want to give a unique appeal to your items.

Pillow containers are also equally good for the packaging of small items like cosmetics, accessories, lipsticks, and perfumes.

This type of packaging is easy to open due to its shape and size. Plus, you get a wide range of printing options for branding purposes.

Are pillow boxes good?

Packaging of the product is the face of your business. It is the first thing that attracts customers to buy your product or service. So, it is necessary that you choose the right packaging for your product. There are many types of packaging available in this modern world, but one more important than them all is custom pillow boxes.

Pillow cardboard containers are the most cost-effective, fastest and safest way to ship your products. They are also ideal for any product that is fragile or sensitive.

They can be made in all shapes and sizes to fit different kinds of items.

Pillow boxes are especially useful for shipping delicate items because they reduce shipping costs, time and risks associated with shipping. These custom pillow boxes offer reliable protection against damages during shipping. These reasons make them one of the best ways to package goods that need special care during transit. And also special store display appeals.