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Mailer Boxes

The most reliable packaging solution, mailer boxes, are designed to be sturdy. In addition, these are easy to fold and store when not in use. This makes them an attractive choice for businesses that need to mail packages regularly. It is also the best choice if you don’t have the space to keep large cardboard boxes around your work area. If you’re looking to order the best-personalized boxes in the USA, we are here to welcome you with all the expertise that we have! We take great pride in our manufacturing process, using only the highest quality materials and employing highly trained workers. So, whether you need small or large boxes, we fulfill all your needs in the best possible way! You’ll find various options if you’re in the market for quality packaging. It can be tough to know which ones are best for your business. To help you find the perfect solution, we’ve put together all the mailer packaging options and preferences under a single roof. Of course, you have to get in touch with us, and we will entertain all your needs.



At CBM, we can produce any custom mailer boxes you want for shipping. We also make your packaging more environmentally friendly. Even if you’re going to find new ways to save money while still making your customers happy, our proficient team can help you achieve your goals. In short, we have all the capacity to fulfill your needs in the best possible way. We also focus on the final processing of your order. For that purpose, we have multiple numbers of add-ons and embellishments.

We would do it for you even if you want 3D printing for a more luxurious look. All that makes us a perfect choice for your packaging endures. As we know that a mailer box solution must be durable to sustain mechanical shocks, we offer you the sturdiest materials available. No need to mention all our solutions are economical. Our pricing is always market competitive. Call us or drop an email; we will answer all your queries for any packaging order you might have.

Sturdy Materials for Long Lasting Mailer Boxes

As mentioned earlier, a mailer box will be sturdy enough to reach its destination safe and sound. Without that quality, it will be of no use. Just imagine you dispatch a package that destroys on its way during a shipment. What will be the impact on your end user? Of course, they will not like it. Due to that reason, we, as a seasoned box manufacturer, always focus on the sturdiness of materials we choose for that purpose.

Our top priority is to select sustainable cardboard. It is not only easy to customize but also a great option in terms of cheap solutions. No matter what item you want to send, we will produce a perfect box for it. We have readily available stock under a single roof; you will not have to run here and there for it. Even if you want to supply one of your own, you are free to do so.

Another great perk of our material choice is its eco-friendly nature. We make use of sustainable materials for that purpose. These are biodegradable and would not adversely impact society or the earth’s surface.

  • Cardboard

Cardboard is the best choice, from standard storage space boxes to multi-colored card stock. With us, it is readily available in a range of sizes and also types. It can vary in production method and visual of custom mailer boxes. It sometimes refers to a specific group of materials; it is helpful to consider it in three separate groups: paperboard, corrugated fiberboard, and card supply.

  • Corrugated Cardboard

This is the cardboard you’ll get with most delivery boxes. It is made of three-ply layers for maximum durability. The wavy, fluted corrugation layer sandwiched between two stiff layers is the basic formula of it. That sort of packaging offers sturdy packing no matter what kind of item you want to dispatch.

Various Printing Options for Mailer Boxes

Customized published boxes are the need of almost every industry. These have an unprecedented number of uses when it comes to the option of mailer boxes. If you’re an eCommerce brand, they are the default product packaging option to send your clients their purchases. Placing your logo on your product packaging gives your brand a touch of class.

We have a great many options for that purpose. Our boxes are not just brown or white; we also print your company branding information. Brown as well as white coatings, full-color printing, or a veneerer with your brand name’s logo hot-stamped– your customization alternatives are countless.

  • Inside Printing

Something as straightforward as a box with a lid that says ‘thanks for shopping’ and inside printing can make your buyer happier. In the same way, you can include the manufacturer’s information and usage guidelines on the inside of the box. Whatever the case, we will make it possible for you.

  • Outside Printing

No need to mention that outside printing is more than essential for any packaging solution. You can print the company business information on the box to get the item and details. Though most of the mailer boxes have very little info, it is an inevitable part of these boxes.

  • Blank Boxes for Mailing

Most of the packaging is in blank shape for ordinary purposes. However, when you must dispatch a parcel on the go, you will need an empty box with enough space for a mailing address. We have all these box types readily available whenever you need them.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Mailer Box Packaging

A typical customer knows very well the impact of packaged items on our environment. The things we use each day add to the residues and garbage on the earth’s surface. And this is one of the driving variables making everyone more knowledgeable about their ecological impact– packaging is now so standard in every part of our lives.

The best way to reduce the impact of all that waste is to use bio-degradable packaging. This is why there is now such a focus on eco-friendly packaging. We make use of all the eco-friendly techniques to produce your packaging.

Not only packaging, but we also ensure that all our industrial processes are according to the green manufacturing rules. None of our industrial processes will contribute to the waste material on the earth’s surface.

Logo Printed Mailer Boxes for Brand Boost

The concept of custom-printed mailer boxes is even more enhanced with the logo design and printing. It is the biggest perk of printing. As mentioned earlier, you can print anything on the box. Whether it is your company’s branding information or some slogan, we will publish it in a prominent spot for you.

A logo is even more important than anything else for your brand uplift. To be more precise, it is the face of your company. End users know you with its help. If you do not have a logo on your box, it will be like a person with no face. That is the reason; whether it is a mailer box on any other packaging type, it must have a logo.

Why Go With CBM?

We have much to offer when it comes to a packaging solutions manufacturer. We cannot discuss all the perks right here, but a few of the most prominent ones are as follows:

  • In Time Free Shipment

We provide you with free-of-cost delivery to any part of the world. The time factor is crucial for all our distributions. That is why we never endanger that aspect of our deliveries and logistics.

  • Free Mockups for Designing

Publication box styles are insufficient without mockups—the very same means excellent manners. We deal with both facets with totally free solutions. All you have to do is select the design template of your selection and leave the rest to our team.

  • Round the Clock Client Care

We know just how important the consumer synchronization factor is for product packaging. As a result of that factor, we supply permanent consumer care assistance to all our customers, whether old or brand-new. You can call or chat with us anytime you need us.

Frequently Asked Question

Do you provide bulk product packaging order solutions?

Yes, we have one of the most dedicated and efficient groups to take care of your wholesale product packaging needs.

How much time does it take for order completion?

You will get your boxes, or any order developed and provided in the quickest time possible with no compromise and top-notch quality assurance.

Do you supply free layout and design solutions?

Yes, we have expert designers fully at your disposal. In addition, all our design and layout facilities are free of cost.

What type of stock do you use for mailer box manufacture?

We use premium quality and lasting cardboard materials that are additionally resilient. Furthermore, all our stock production is eco-friendly.

Just how much do you charge for deliveries?

We do not bill anything for that, and all our shipments are cost-free other than in a few parts of the world.