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Gift Card Boxes

Presentation is the key element of conveying you feelings and message to your loved ones. So, while giving someone a gift, a gift card is necessary. Gift card boxes help in making your gift card more attractive and vibrant which can express your genial feelings towards someone you love. We are here to solve your problems. Here at ‘CUSTOM BOX MAKERS’, we specialise in making custom boxes according to the requirements of the customer. We provide one-stop packaging solutions for all your needs. We will print anything you want on your boxes to make them beautiful. We will refine your ideas and you will see your dream turning into reality. Our machines are always ready to print anything you want, on any material you want. We will listen to all your requests, the packaging material, the shape of the box and even the size of the box in a price you will not believe. Many big firms are in contact with us and trust us with our packages because of unmatched quality of the material used. We assure delivery on time on your doorsteps so you don’t have to worry about delayed shipping because we care about our customers as the mission of our company is satisfying our customers and keep them happy. So what are you waiting for? Order your boxes now!



Create Innovatively Beautiful Gift Card Packaging

Gift card boxes are made of different kinds of materials like kraft and cardboard. These boxes are used for packaging gift cards, Christmas cards, wedding cards, party invitations, bridal showers, etc.

Decoration goes a long way to show how special someone is to you and these special boxes can be a perfect way to make your loved ones feel awesome. Custom gift card boxes are not at all difficult to get now because you can transform any idea into reality now.

You just need to figure out the size of the boxes and what kind of decoration you want. There are thousands of design options and you can choose any one of them. Even if you want to wrap your boxes in gold or silver foil it is literally possible now.

Make these packaging boxes a treat for the eyes with the help of multiple design options. Go for a window cut design to give a taste of the actual gift card to the receiver before they even open the box. Get your name or message printed out on the gift card packaging or even your brand’s or company’s logo.

Your packaging could be another unique feature for your business and you can do all of it on your own with a little bit of help. Once you are finished with the customization you just have to finalize the order and wait to receive your order at your doorstep.

Find New Ways to Decorate Your Custom Gift Card Boxes

How to send gift cards in a unique way? Something that would surprise everyone in a positive way. Something that would be totally different from what everyone else is doing in the market. If these thoughts have crossed your mind as well let us introduce you to the custom gift card boxes that are the epitome of class and exclusiveness.

Bring your own ideas into the light with special boxes to contain the invitation cards and make each one of the events way more special. Even years after the event these fancy boxes would remain as a memorandum to the extent you went to in order to make it special.

Choose a casual presentation or go for the top celebratory style because anything is possible. For example, if you want to invite someone for Christmas as it is just around the corner you can utilize our Christmas gift card boxes.

Pour the elegance in the design of these boxes and give them the colors you want instead of the boring brown color. Coat them with semi-gloss, gloss, matt, or spot gloss. It is all about you and you have to make the best use of the available resources.

Give the same amount of thought to the packaging as you have given to the gift cards and you will definitely receive way more praises as compared to everyone else trying this festival season.

Uplift Your Brand With Gift Card Boxes Wholesale

Everyone loves gifts and packaging as we know it could change the whole story of the gift. For example, a box with a red ribbon and a heart would be received totally different from a normal package.

We provide our customers the chance to tell their stories with this customization and we act just as facilitators. From the material to size and the stuff on the custom gift card boxes, each and everything will be decided by you.

You can get as many samples as you want from us. We will give you the mockups before the actual manufacturing process starts and once we have your final say we would move on towards creating the real magic.

We offer multiple services in the process and to your surprise, a number of them are totally free of charge.

Who doesn’t like something for free and especially if that something helps you design your boxes even better so let’s have a look:-

  • Free Design Support: Our design team is one of the best in the market with years of experience and a great portfolio as well. We would give you the support of our design team totally free if you want to design your boxes yourself. In addition to this, if you don’t have any clue about the design, we can take over and create a beautiful design for you. Once you are happy with it you can take benefit from our gift card boxes wholesale packages to purchase the required number of boxes at discounted rates.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Our customer service representatives are available to help you out any time of the day and you can ask for quotes, discounts, or any other information you are unable to find about our services.
  • Die and Cutting: There is no die and cutting charges involved as it is on us. We utilize the process to make our products even better and give you the slick design you have chosen us for every time.
  • Lightning Quick Turnaround: Our turnaround time is one of the best in the whole market. Your order will be delivered to your doorstep within 8 to 10 business days.
  • Top Quality Material: We only use the highest quality material in our gift card packaging. The paper and printing ink used to produce every box is guaranteed to provide the best results.