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Hair Extension Boxes

The first thing that gets noticed is your hairstyle. Besides, you can always change your look completely by modifying your hairstyle. There are countless forms of hair styling products and the sole purpose of these products is to enhance your presence. But you need to keep these products with care and love. That’s where we come in! Custom Box Makers is a brand name that is popular for providing high quality Custom Hair Extension Boxes. Put these boxes in front of you and you will automatically notice how these elegant boxes facelift the entire place. Just tell us the size, shape, and color you want and we’ll provide you your desired product. At Custom Box Makers, you’ll get error-free packaging services and timely delivery of your product. We use high quality cardboard so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the packaging boxes. The build quality and design of our custom boxes is so great that the only thing that our product will do is attract customers which in turn will generate more revenue. Finding a perfect product according to your choice is a difficult job, so we provide a One-Stop solution for all your packaging needs.



Create Your Brand Awareness with Custom Hair Extension Boxes

Hair extensions hold a significant value in the market as there are hundreds of thousands of customers utilizing them for various needs. Makeup artists have regularly used hair extensions for hair beautification while people are regularly using them now as well with an increase in DIY makeup trends.

The extensions play a part in layering, adding length, or weight to your hair for your favorite hairstyle. Hair extension boxes are premium quality packaging boxes used for containing, storing, and delivering these hair extensions.

Quality packaging is a necessity to keep any product safe for a long while. We create these packaging boxes with top-notch material to ensure durability and follow all international standards.

The custom hair extension boxes we design help you to attract the attention of the customers right away. The moment they look at your product on the shelves they’ll be surprised in a positive because we provide unmatched quality in our packaging services.

Customized packaging boxes can contain different requirements, instructions, and useful information to make the buying decision easier for the customers. You can add different portions to the box or you can help them view the product directly with the specific cutting of the box.

The options are unlimited and you can go as creative as you want. These boxes are ideal even if you just want to gift hair extensions to a few customers to get their recommendations.

All-Weather Eco-Friendly Hair Extension Packaging

Creating unique and innovative hair extension packaging boxes brings a lot of business but the real challenge is to do it without harming the environment. Landfills are filled with packaging boxes and we don’t want to add to the burden.

So we are creating eco-friendly custom hair extension boxes that are totally recyclable. One of the top-selling cosmetic boxes for these extensions has to be packaged accordingly. Customized boxes with the brand’s logo, tagline, or any special messages would make your product way more visible among the racks.

As a product owner, you would understand that the product needs to get the customer’s attention straight away and here we can play an important role.

Indirect Marketing Support

The hair extension boxes we offer would stay with your clients for a long while promoting your brand. It is like indirect marketing because the box would contain specific information about your brand. We can offer you the services of our expert designers totally free of charge.

We will guide you about certain design elements that would improve the whole outlook of your brand. We have spent a number of years in the market coming up with the success formulas when it comes to packaging ideas. We will provide you with complete guidance even if you want to customize the design of the box yourself.

There are multiple sizes and design options you can choose from. The premium quality material and high-quality ink printing would assure durability and proper outreach of the design idea behind the customized boxes.

Customer Satisfaction with Luxury Hair Extension Boxes

Cosmetic companies are looking for customer satisfaction and for this matter, packaging has particular importance. Versatile hair extension boxes that can be opened in multiple ways and that save the product from any deterioration serve this purpose perfectly.

We provide you with various options that could not only beautify your product but also save it from any damage before reaching the end customer. We provide you with complete guidelines regarding the thickness of the box and the amount of pressure it can withhold.

We have a huge list of options that can be explored when it comes to the design and styling of the packaging box. Give your customers a top-quality product packed in an elegant box that would increase the sale value of your product anywhere in the world.

Build a Brand with Personalized Hair Extension Boxes

If you want to build a brand you would have to order the hair packaging boxes in large numbers. It is only viable if you are connected with an internationally recognized company that can provide you with personalized packaging boxes for your products.

One solution is to look for hair extension boxes wholesale packages and we’ve got quite a few ones for you. We will offer you a custom solution based on your query. We offer multiple services along with giving you the required boxes for your hair extensions.

These services are unmatched in the rates we provide and it is only possible because we are working for a number of customers from around the globe. Let’s take a look at these services.

Customer Support: We offer 24/7 customer support services in case you have a question or you want to get a direct quote for your order.

Free Design Support: We provide free design support whether you need a bit of assistance in your design or you want us to design the entire box for you. We would get a go-ahead from you regarding the design before moving your hair extension boxes toward the production process.

Eco-Friendly Product:

We make sure that our custom boxes are completely recyclable and hold no harm to the environment.

Shipping Charges are on Us:

Your order would be delivered totally free of cost to anywhere you want and you only have to pay the original price of the order.