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Eyeshadow Boxes

Eye shadows is one of the most selling beauty product because women have a craze to look perfect, stylish and elegant for every occasion. Eye liners and eye shadows provide a sophisticated look and give your face an overall glow and make you presentable. But, every beauty product needs a good packaging to keep the pollutants away so they don’t have any adverse effect on the skin of the user. Using low quality packaging can damage your beauty product and these products will in turn have a damaging effect to your skin. So don’t risk it and get a custom eye shadow box from CUSTOM BOX MAKERS. Here at CUSTOM BOX MAKERS, our experienced staff will make sure that the quality of packaging for your product is in safe hands and is according to the customer’s satisfaction at price you can’t even imagine. We bring our entire range of packaging products to your budget. You can provide us with your custom logo and we will print it on the packaging to make your product look more appealing to the customers so you can make a name for your brand in the market. Get your free quote now and book your product from your comfy sofas!



Eyeshadow Boxes to Save Your Product’s Quality and Original Shape

Eyeshadow is an essential element of any makeup routine because it helps the eyes stand out. A fantastic eye makeover is built on applying the eyeshadow the right way. Eyeshadow boxes are used to store and deliver this important makeover component.

As it is a sensitive product so it is vital to choose the right packaging material. The weather and the external environment can render the product useless unless it is stored correctly. Usually, people consider using general brown boxes that are not only less protective but also don’t appear appealing to the eyes of the customer.

These boxes need to be made of sturdy and weather-resistant material. You don’t want your valuable product to not reach the customers in its best form because it is bad for business. A solution has emerged for this problem and we will discuss it in detail below.

Custom Eyeshadow Boxes – The Latest Trend in the Market

Custom eyeshadow boxes are the solution we want to talk about right now. The customization of the boxes has no limit and you can change the overall structure, design, and style of the box. You can choose any kind of material from Kraft, E-Flute, Bux Board, and Cardstock.

The material choice may vary according to specific requirements. You can put your logo on these boxes so that customers are aware of your product anywhere in the world. Get your message out and educate the customers about all the materials used in the manufacturing of the packaging solution.

You can design them concerning your product and its shades. Create different cosmetic box packaging for different shades instead of a single-styled box for every product.

Get Ahead of the Competition with Attractive Eyeshadow Box Packaging

Eyeshadow box packaging has changed a lot over a few years. Customers are demanding more from companies. You have to relate to their experiences and move toward the next level of marketing in the process.

Your packaging can become a branding element. No matter where you deliver your products more people would be able to know about your company apart from your customers. The eyeshadow boxes we are talking about are extremely strong and they can handle the usual pressure expected during the delivery process.

Now you don’t have to be worried about delivering your eyeshadow to thousands of miles away. The eyeshadow won’t be affected in any negative way and the customers would get the product in its original form.

Surprise Your Customers With Extra Ordinary Add-Ons

Custom eyeshadow boxes mean that you can add various elements to increase attractiveness. The add-on options are limitless and it depends on your preference. Whether you like to insert any compartments in the boxes or do you want to add gold/silver foil to give your customers a royalty feeling?

Do you want a matte gloss coating, you’ll have it. We would facilitate you in every way. You just have to talk to us and give us your requirements. We will get back to you with an offer that couldn’t be refused.

Once we agree on the price which we would because we offer the lowest prices with the highest quality material we would move on towards design and manufacturing. You would be involved in every step of the process. The quality of our products is guaranteed and we bring years of market experience into action.

Custom Eyeshadow Wholesale Boxes to Make Your Business Successful

Depending upon the number of boxes you need you can get discounted prices as well. If you are interested in buying at wholesale rates you can avail of one of our custom eyeshadow wholesale boxes packages.

Our customer support representatives are always available for discussion. You can get a quote for your order at any time. We will deliver your order free of cost and we won’t charge you for the design part. It is all on us as you just need to pay for the manufacturing expenses.

We guarantee you won’t find better quality material at the prices we offer for custom eyeshadow boxes. Why don’t you test us with a quote by telling us your requirements and let us offer a packaging solution suitable for you?