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Reverse Tuck End

Custom reverse tuck end boxes are known for their elegance and robust locking mechanism. All thanks to their reverse tuck end style flap. This design helps lift the flap to display the contents without tearing the box, unlike in conventional cardboard packaging boxes. In addition, the flaps stick out like the ears of a cat, making them fully visible to customers. Reverse tuck end boxes come in a wide range of shapes, designs, and sizes.

CBM one of the world’s largest box manufacturer company specializes in custom reverse tuck end packaging boxes. Our team of professionals can design and manufacture any size of reverse tuck end style box to meet your business needs. We can custom-made cardboard reverse tuck end boxes upon your bespoke requests. And we promise to give you the most competitive price, high quality, and best service. For orders and queries, call us at +1(844)-269-3730.



What is a Reverse Tuck End Box?

A box with a reverse tuck end style is a box with two parallel openings on opposite sides. It is similar to a box with a fold end style, in which the face panel has a fold in one end. The facing flap is secured to the bottom of the box, and the ends are curled under. Such types of boxes are common in the packaging of medicinal syrups.

Custom Reverse Tuck End Packaging Boxes by CBM

Do you want to make an impact on your customers? This specialized packaging will do just that. You can choose from a variety of kraft corrugated boxes to fit your needs headed to the stores, all with CBM’s custom-printed reverse tuck end boxes.

We leverage our expert workforce and high-quality printing capabilities to manufacture cardboard boxes that protect and present your products. In addition, we allow you to customize the ends of the box with the printing of your design. Therefore, allowing for more creativity.

Level Up Your Branding Game with Logo Printing on Reverse Tuck End Boxes

Custom Box Makers [CBM] makes custom reverse tuck end boxes with logo printing on any side of the box. We design all of our boxes with the end consumer in mind. Therefore, regardless of the niche, our packaging will dramatically increase sales for retailers that use it.

All of this makes reverse tuck end boxes an excellent fit for packaging products in the beauty industry, retail products, and more. In addition, these boxes fit flat in your order, ensuring that they will take up less space in your shipping container.

In addition, they offer a unique marketing opportunity. This is because the moment the consumer views the box on the retail shelf or opens it, he sees a visual display of your company’s logo, message, or other relevant information.

We Let You Design Your Own Reverse Tuck End Box Template

Our line of custom reverse tuck end boxes enables brands to give a great first impression. So whether it’s a retail order or a giveaway for a trade show, this cardboard packaging can help brands make a big splash with their logo or company name featured prominently on the box.

And the best part?

We let you design your box with your logo and artwork, along with the type of printing finish.

Therefore, place your order today.

Reverse tuck end style boxes are ideal for merchandising products in stores or online with a clear window for retail or wholesale purchases. Customize the box to give your customers a sneak peek of what’s inside.

Whether you’re showcasing products or items during their manufacturing process, use this simple and cost-effective solution to get your message out.

Cardboard Reverse Tuck End Style Boxes That Are Perfect for Product Shipping & Counter Display

We believe that ‘presentation is everything.’ And for this purpose, we have designed our reverse tuck end box to meet industry standards for counter display during busy sales periods. As well as meet industry standards for high-profit shipping packaging compliance.

With their classic reverse tuck end style, these boxes are made from a high-strength corrugated board for extra durability and superior stiffness. And their unique shape allows them to fold flat when empty or fit conveniently into any retail space when stuffed with items.

All of these attributes make CBM’s reverse tuck end flap boxes an excellent choice for the self-mailer market. These highly visible mailers have a clean, smooth surface that showcases your graphics with an end flap that folds over twice with a glue edge to cover the seams along the edges of the box.

Order Reverse Tuck End Packaging Boxes at a Wholesale Price with No MOQ

The presentation of ‘Products on sale’ should be beautiful. Therefore, you need a box that creates an impression and protects the items inside. This is where our custom reverse tuck end packaging boxes come in. These little gems can make a big difference when optimizing your product for better sales than the rivals. And don’t worry about the cost. Custom Box Makers provides custom box printing and manufacturing service at a wholesale price with no MOQ policy.

For orders and quotes, contact us now at +1(844)-269-3730.

Reverse tuck end boxes are a new box style with a different approach to the traditional end-first method. The end flap is displayed first; then, the fold is tucked into place on the front of the box, creating a unique and eye-catching look. Therefore, reach for these new boxes to give your shipments a fresh face!