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Handle Boxes

Handle boxes serve various purposes and are one of the most multifunctional boxes that can be used for gift items, product storage, and shipping. These boxes have a handle at the top, making it convenient to carry and hence proving it ideal for transporting products and packaging. For a more alluring outlook, one can also apply high tech printing variations to these boxes. A vast range of eatables can also be packed in these boxes such as candies, cakes, donuts, and tons of others. The handles on them make them handy and easy to carry around. We at CUSTOM BOX MAKERS work with a single target, that is to win the client’s trust by providing the best quality custom boxes in a budget smart way. Simple and old boxes are history now. We are working on bringing something new and innovative in the market, products that can go with any occasion and fulfill the needs of the clients. We offer custom boxes, in different shapes, sizes, layouts, and designs, all you need to do is select and order. Let us help you accomplish all your needs in the best manner possible. We provide an extensive range of options to make your packages glistening and radiant.



Make Your Customers Fall in Love With Your Products Through Handle Boxes

Handle boxes are one of the most commonly used packaging boxes these days. Most food brands are choosing this style because they are easier to carry around. Even the takeaways are preferring these boxes because the customers want easy to handle packaging.

These boxes are just like other packaging boxes and the only difference is the handles attached to them. Every company is trying to explore new avenues and create something new for its customers.

It is important that when you are working to improve the product you should also be looking for better packaging solutions. Now, the use of handle boxes is not limited to edibles as you can find them in any size and shape.

Even laptop manufacturers are using these boxes so that customers can easily carry their machines. With these handles, the box becomes more of a bag that can be carried quite easily. The product not only remains safe but you don’t feel the weight and it becomes portable.

Imagine you are carrying a package in both your hands and now imagine it inside a box with a handle. Which one would you prefer? Which one would be preferred by your customers? The answer should be pretty clear, everyone would prefer the box that is more portable.

Put Your Brand Out in the Market with Custom Handle Boxes

Now the question is whether you would go for a generic box or a product that is particularly designed for the product you are buying. Custom handle boxes have the capability not possessed by any ordinary packaging solution.

These boxes are created to cater to the needs of customers who want their packaging to be perfect along with the product. The design of the boxes can be customized to any extent. The size and shape of the packaging can be changed according to the requirements.

There is a special reason why every big brand uses customized packaging solutions. The customization gives you the freedom to include anything in the packaging you want. Your customers can be engaged by providing useful information about your product.

People will recognize the product even if there is no product present at a certain place as the packaging would contain information about your brand. The packaging could be used as a marketing tool.

Design Separate Custom Boxes For Each One of Your Products

Imagine designing a packaging solution for your own products. You don’t need to have a technical background in order to do so. You just need to share the concept or the idea behind the design with our designers and the rest of it would be done by our team.

Our design team is quite renowned in the market because of the hundreds of projects they’ve accomplished so far. It is perfectly alright if you don’t have any idea about the design. You just have to share the details of the product, and the requirements, and we will create an absolutely lovely design for your product.

Your customers would receive their order in a beautiful handle box that is designed aesthetically and that keeps your product safe. The boxes are created with a sturdy material that is weather-resistant and product friendly. You can even change the material according to the requirements. Does it get any better than this?

Wide Variety Usage as a Packaging Solution

Custom handle box packaging can be used for a wide variety of products. You can put gifts in them, chocolates, eateries, food products, candles, and similar commodities, and use these boxes as gift boxes. It is all about getting a solution that is suitable for different situations.

As a business entity, you have to be really careful about spending your money. You cannot leak any budget and you can opt for buying handle boxes at wholesale rates to cut your expenditures. We provide special packages to our customers you can avail of buying as less as just 100 boxes.

Get Eco-Friendly Handle Boxes with No Shipping Cost 

Everything we manufacture is environment friendly. We don’t want to pollute our planet anymore. All the boxes we create are 100% recyclable. The eco-friendliness of our products, fair price, and quick turnaround time differentiate us from our competitors.

Once your order is finalized, we will deliver it within 8 to 10 business days. You won’t have to pay any kind of shipping fee. The design assistance would be provided free of cost as well. If you have any questions you can contact our customer support representatives anytime.