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Die Cut Boxes

Custom Box Makers is a part of the packaging industry for quite some time now. We delight the packaging needs of organizations in all sizes and shapes inside and outside of the United States. The place we have reached today is the result of a high level of commitment and quality items delivered reliably. We know about the challenges and difficulties organizations have to face in regards to finding a trustworthy packaging company. You can trust us without any reluctance. We will never let you down. Retail items and different products that require custom box packaging are perfectly packed up in highly modified custom die cut boxes at CBM. These boxes are manufactured in versatile designs with innovative die-cut machinery and high-tech technology. Custom die-cut boxes protect the most fragile and delicate things. These boxes are printed with durable materials to withstand the heaviness of the item while on travel. Accessible in all shapes and sizes, you can have these boxes decorated or marked with numerous printing options. Custom die-cut boxes can store unique retail things and help organizations to achieve their promotion goals. They are the most suitable option for a retail business.



Get Your Products Packaged in a Stylish Way with Die Cut Boxes

Die cut boxes are a special type of boxes made by cutting corrugated material from a plain sheet through a die cutter or die press. These are highly customizable boxes and extremely efficient in saving the products from any kind of external damage.

As these boxes provide a lot of customization options you can create a really stylish packaging solution with them. These boxes are used for the packaging of a number of products in the market. These are one of the trending packaging solutions nowadays because they are really appealing to the customers.

The custom die cut boxes are ideal to market your products because the customers are able to get the feel of the product even before opening the box. The packaging is really tidy because there are no loose ends or torn corners.

The option of customization opens up the possibility of hundreds of variations. You can have your company’s logo, branding colors, information, company’s name, or any kind of written stuff on the boxes.

You can even put something on your product so that it appears different as compared to any copycats. It is a complete packaging solution because these boxes are sturdy and they don’t let any outside factors impact the quality of the product even if you are delivering them hundreds of miles away.

Design Custom Die Cut Boxes According to Your Requirements

Designing the custom die cut boxes can be a tricky situation if you are new to this. You need to have a proper concept behind the design because it is going to represent your organization in the market and you need to make a good impression every time.

You have to tell a story to your customers that they can relate to if you want to turn your product into a brand. If you have something in mind you can share it with our designers and they would help you to transform the idea into a practical design.

Our designers have been working in this field for a number of years and they have received appreciation from all around the globe. Even if you don’t have any design in your mind you can trust them with creating a unique and innovative for your die cut boxes.

Once the design is created it would be sent to you and the manufacturing would only begin once you have approved the design. It is all about facilitating you in the best possible way and you can discuss any confusion with us anytime.

Premium Quality Die Cut Boxes For Your Products

The printing quality of die cut boxes produced by us is unmatched in the whole market. We only use the finest quality material in our products.

We have our own printing press and the whole process of design and manufacturing is supervised by experts who are up to date with all the advancements in the industry. We make sure that any kind of material we use is 100% recyclable.

We refuse to increase pollution in any way and that is the reason we have opted for eco-friendly manufacturing. The whole process nearly produces no waste and we make sure that we follow all the industry standards in order to serve our customers in the best possible way.

Let Corrugated Die Cut Boxes Lead Your Branding Strategy

The corrugated die cut boxes can play a vital role in branding your product. It is important to have a branding image that distinguishes any product in the whole market. The customers have to see the packaging first of all and they should be impressed by it.

These stylish boxes created from premium quality material would make your product visible on any retail shelf. The best part about these custom die cut boxes is that you won’t be charged anything for die cut part. We will do it free of cost for you and you would get ready to use packaging solution.

Once the order is ready we would ship it to your location and you can receive it at your doorstep. There are no shipping charges involved as well.

You would only have to pay the manufacturing price as the design services are also on us. It is one of the most ideal deals you can get when it comes to the packaging industry.

Die Cut Wholesale Packages to Help You Save More Money

There are different die cut boxes wholesale packages for the customers who want even more discount. These packages help you save a decent amount of money and are ideal for people who are producing a product or multiple products in large numbers.

You can order as little as 100 die cut boxes and you can avail an exciting discount. We can provide you with a quote instantly once you talk to us about your requirements and the number of boxes required.

Our customer support representatives are available 24/7 to guide you and answer your questions. Your order will be delivered to your doorstep after 8 to 10 business days once you have confirmed the order. Not only we offer superior quality but we also offer a fair price and quick turnaround to make your product the most appealing one in the market.