What is UV Coating and Why Is It Important for Your Printing Venture?


UV coating may seem like just another type of print coating, but it is not. It can actually make your colors pop, improve the vibrancy of your photos, and give your packaging an attractive shine.

Before you run off to your local printer to try it out, here is all the essential information that you must know about it. After reading this write up you will have no need to ask, what is UV Coating?

Why Need UV Coating for Your Products?

There are plenty of reasons to choose UV coating for your next printing project or ecommerce packaging. Especially if you want your images to stand out from the crowd. UV coating allows you to print on just about any kind of material, including glass, plastic, metal, and more. 

It also makes it possible to print with light-sensitive inks and graphics that fade when exposed to UV rays. That way it provides a unique way to display your photos, logos, branding info, and much more. If you’re ready to get started on your next project with UV coating in mind, then keep reading!

Other Aspects of UV Coat Process

As is obvious from the above discussion UV coating is a type of finish that’s applied to print materials and packaging. However, it is not just limited to that field. You can also use it on other products such as media cases, photo prints, and any surface that allows its application. 

In order to create high-quality products that can stand up to the elements and last longer than their uncoated counterparts. While UV coating may add extra steps to your printing process, it’s well worth the time and investment because of its many benefits.

Perks of UV Printing in the Packaging Industry

The biggest perk of UV coating is the protective layer it lays on your logos and images. It is no doubt an invisible protective layer that is sprayed onto a printed item. This coating protects the surface of the object from external particles, which will scratch and wear it down over time. It will benefit your custom boxes with logo design more than your expectations.

It helps make colors pop with beautiful shine and depth as light passes through the finished product. There’s no more worrying about your work being covered up by dust or smudges.

By choosing to add this level of protection, you are essentially saving your advertising investment in products and materials. It also gives your item packaging an exceptional glow. No need to mention, it adds to maximizing their lifespan so they will maintain a vibrant appearance on store shelves or in customer homes.

How UV Coating Impacts Print Turnaround Time?

The UV coating is usually completed on new sheet-fed digital printers. That process allows us to use UV coating on the same machine we are printing and binding. Here are the two essential steps in that process:

  • Instead of running off an inkjet printer, then offloading the printed sheets, a laminator is in use.
  • Running the sheets through a laminator, then loading them onto a press feeder, and finally adding UV coating.

All the above processes are completed in a single take thus it saves the turnaround time to a great extent. The resulting difference is staggering: shorter lead times, fewer workstations required on-site, and more efficient use of space.

It Saves You From Inky Mess

Plus, there’s no need to remove ink from your hands when you’re done working on your project because there’s no need to touch anything after you apply the UV coating. That way your staff can spend their time focusing on other tasks rather than getting back into uniform every few hours.

All the above processes will not only save you time but also the energy of your technical staff. All that will also impact your revenue and ROI at the end of the show. Now let us take a deep look at the protective aspects and attributes of that sort of coating.

Protective Attributes of UV Coating in the Packaging Industry

We have stated enough about the technical and aesthetic aspects of UV coating. Now it is the turn of its safety and resistance features. In fact, that is what makes it such a heart favorite embellishment in the packaging industry. 

Superior Scratch Resistance

Scratch resistance is an important quality of a good coating. It’s something you would expect your packaging to have. Often manufacturers ignore it and get a loss for their luxury boxes. However, the level of scratch resistance will depend on how much you plan on using the object with other surfaces.

Water and Damp Proof Feature 

Solutions other than packaging have that sort of use. For example, if you don’t plan on exposing your book or magazine cover to dampness, you will try a UV coating. In that case you need higher levels of scratch resistance. On the other hand, if you’re giving this printed item as a gift and want it to be pristine looking, then it would be wise to find a coating that offers excellent scratch resistance and damp proofing as well.

Protects Your Graphics and Design Logos

It is well worth it to protect your graphics and logo designs from distortion. Sometimes the packaging has to go through mechanical shocks. It gives the box a rough appearance. UV coating will not only save your designs but also keep the shines and colors intact.

Helps You Stand Out from Competition

Not only does this protect your printing and designing investment, but it also helps you stand out from the competition with professional looking products. Today the market and retail shelves are full of similar items. In that case a box with UV coating will make you stand out in the crowd.

Minimize Labor Costs

As mentioned previously, it will also minus the labor cost. Main reason is the one process on a single machine. UV coating is also good for offset printing, digital imaging, and desktop publishing. 

With the cost of labor increasing on a regular basis, the decision to spend an extra dollar or two on UV coating could save your company a significant amount in the long run. That’s because it can protect colors from fading and offset prints from yellowing.

Reduced Ink Rub off & Smudging

UV coating is a perfect solution for making colors pop on printed materials. It makes inks resist rubbing off and smudging when you heat them, which ultimately means your colors will look better and last longer. Not only will this reduce wasted material and resources, but it will also lower maintenance costs down the line.

Unlike other types of coating that can add a powdery feel or decrease ink absorption rates, UV coating offers the best of both. So if you’re looking to print something that should last as long as possible, we suggest you apply UV coating before printing.


In addition to increased visibility, protection, and longevity, the benefits of using UV coating make it a must-have choice for any printing project. Having an extra layer on top of your print ensures that your materials last longer and get the treatment they deserve. 

It’s especially important in areas with heavy rain, snowfall, and industrial pollution. When you have images or words printed directly onto your packaging that have no protective layers over them whatsoever, then you’re going to run into issues when contaminants get onto the surface and start interacting with any ink there’s present. Don’t let that happen!

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