What are the Most Popular Types of Packaging Materials?

What are the Most Popular Types of Packaging Materials

These days everything comes in packaging. The relatively recent trend of customized packaging has created a lot of ease for the brands. They can make boxes for particular products according to the requirements of that product. Moreover, numerous custom packaging materials are available in the market from which the buyers may select.

How to decide on the material?

Many material types are now available for making packaging. The selection, however, depends on the choice of the person. The more options a person gets, the more confused he feels about it. However, the selection of the material depends upon the following points:

  • Reliability and quality 
  • Budget-friendliness
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Sturdiness and rigidity

Types of Custom Packaging Materials

The options mentioned below are the most common types of materials that are common in the world of packaging:


This is a very sturdy material. Due to its strength, it remains the best option for shipping and e-commerce boxes. 

You can make the box in any shape using this material. Moreover, anything can be printed on this material. The best thing about this is that it is also eco-friendly and can decompose quickly. 

You can print the logo of your brand on these boxes. 

When you think about custom cardboard boxes, a typical image of a brown-colored box comes to your mind. But the recent trends in the packaging industry have revolutionized this. The cardboard can be modified in any shape, design, or color. You can give a unique unboxing experience to your customers by packing your next shipment in specially designed cardboard material.

You can also go for white cardboard boxes on which a design may be printed. This will give an exquisite look of your brand to the customers.  

Corrugated Material 

This durable material remains the best option if your products are fragile and need protection. The corrugated material is made keeping in view the delicacy of your products. The material consists of three layers. The outer and inner layers are flat and made of cardboard material. The inner layer is rippled and is called the flute. The three layers protect the products that are inside the box.

The boxes can be customized according to particular requirements. They can be customized in all shapes and sizes that you may order according to the specifications of your product. Moreover, you can also go for specific designs that will make your products look amazing. 

One massive advantage of these boxes is that they are light in weight. The triple layers add strength to this material. Hence, they can be used to carry heavy products as well. The lightweight and excellent durability make these boxes the most famous.  They are often used to carry items in bulk.

Kraft Material

This is one of the most well-known types of custom packaging materials used for making boxes. The material is also very light in weight. This may not be as sturdy as cardboard and corrugated one, but still, it provides a very good holding to the products.

Most of the product packaging is made from Kraft material. It is used for making custom soap boxes, sleeve boxes, bakery boxes, display boxes, pillow boxes, and so on. 

The material can be molded very quickly in any shape and size. Moreover, you can also print the details of your brand on the box. A captivating box gets famous in the market and captures the immediate attention of the customers. Therefore, you may design your Kraft box in any style. The more appealing your box looks, the more its sales in the market will be.

Rigid Material

As the name shows, the boxes are unyielding. Moreover, they are also exquisite to look at. These boxes are available in an extensive range of customization options. The box may consist of two pieces or may also have a magnetic closure. 

The boxes are made from thick paper board material and are also known as set-up rigid boxes. Using such a box for your products will leave an excellent mark on your customers. They will like the packaging a lot. Hence, you may use this packaging for your premium and ultra-luxury products.

The box is not limited to a sturdy design; it also has numerous customization options. You can emboss or deboss it. Moreover, you can also give a classical finish to it. The finishing may be gloss, lamination, matte, or varnish. 

The choice of material for making a rigid box is also entirely left to you. You may select a paper board. Moreover, if you want a high-class finish for your products, you can also go with bleached or unbleached paper. The quality of printing will depend on the type of paper used. 

Eco-friendly Material

There is a long list of materials that fall under the category of eco-friendly materials. Some common types are cloth bags, glass-based, bamboo-based, etc. 

The choice of any of these will depend on the product to be packed in them. Cloth bags are often used for packing jewelry, clothes, etc. These are not only a no-harm to the environment but can also be reused by people later in their lives. 

Using such materials for packaging also allows you to create a difference in the world of packaging. It will allow you to break the monotony and bring some difference to the market. 


Above are all the options for custom packaging materials that are most commonly used for making boxes. These are very readily available in the markets. 

The choice of packaging depends on you. Moreover, there are many significant types of packaging available for the brands. These are primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging. The choice of the material also depends on the level of packaging. Kraft material is often used for primary packaging as it is in direct contact with the products. Secondary packaging can be done using corrugated material. While all these boxes may be packed together using massive containers and plastic sheets that cover them all.

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