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Straight Tuck End

Straight tuck end boxes consist of tuck end closures at both ends. You can use these boxes for a variety of purposes. They are easily assembled and are substantially more efficient. For the product’s visibility, you can also add a die-cut window on the front of the box. These boxes are created in numerous shapes and sizes to fulfill your packaging needs. CBM makes durable and premium straight tuck end boxes. Dense material is used in manufacturing, and these custom boxes can store pretty much anything.



Straight Tuck End Boxes- The Perfect Packaging Solution

The packaging industry is changing at a fast pace and every organization is looking for a better solution to make their products look more appealing. Straight tuck end boxes are one of the most unique styles of packaging boxes in the market.

These boxes have 2 plain sides that can be designed in any way you want and there is a window as well so the customers can easily have a look at the product. These boxes are also extremely easier to assemble making them a perfect choice for any company.

These boxes are mainly used by the cosmetic, food, and tobacco industry but these can be used by any industrial product that has to be delivered to customers near or far away.

Customize the Straight Tuck End Boxes to Represent Your Brand

Custom straight tuck end boxes are really interesting because you can customize them any way you want. You can add your branding colors to the boxes. You may put necessary information on the boxes or you can just put your logo on them so customers can easily recognize your product.

Once you have customized the packaging your products would be easily distinguishable on any shelf in the market. You can change the size of the boxes according to your products. These boxes are portable because they are lightweight and they are also really dependable.

Innovatively Designed Custom Straight Tuck End Boxes for Your Products

You may think that designing the boxes would be a problem if you don’t have any design background but we can help you with that as well. We have a team of internationally recognized designers who have worked with hundreds of brands in previous years.

All you need to share is your requirements and the kind of design you want and they will deliver an amazing design to you. Even if you don’t have any design in mind we will help you provide an innovative design.

You just need to talk to us and we will provide you with a perfect solution. Our innovatively designed boxes go through a special die-cutting procedure before they are dispatched to you. This procedure makes the boxes even more appealing because of the fine cuts and no irregular edges.

There are hundreds of customizable options available as you can add windows, gold foiling, silver foiling, gloss coating, matte coating, etc. All of these add-ons would make the packaging even better and your customer would love your product even more.

Impress Your Customers with Straight Tuck End Packaging

Custom straight tuck end packaging provides you a chance to represent your brand in a special way. These boxes can be easily opened from both ends and your customers can find your product without any effort.

The custom packaging would help you to spread your message as well. Even if your product is not at a place but if there is a unique packaging box is present there it would catch everyone’s attention instantly.

It is all about getting ahead of your competitors in one way or the other and these custom boxes are a great opportunity for you. Say bye to the boring brown boxes because you should be known in the industry.

Instead of using a general packaging solution now, you can create something that is yours. It would help you create a name for your brand and your customers can easily find your products anywhere.

Custom Straight Tuck End Packaging – Marketing the Right Way

Straight tuck end packaging would give you a chance to save your marketing budget as well. These boxes would act as your marketing tool in a way that is way more useful than any other marketing strategy.

As the boxes would be representing your brand anywhere they are delivered they would take a message with them as well. If the customers are impressed with the packaging they would share it with their loved ones.

So now your product and the packaging both would be representing you and your brand. The more you do for impressing the customers the more ROI you can expect as the customer is the king in any business.

It is all about going all the way out to beat the competition and it is high time that you invest in custom straight tuck end boxes for your brand.

Once you have confirmed the order it would be delivered to you within 8 to 10 business days. So you can launch your product in less than 2 weeks if you are planning to start a new business. Our customer support representatives are always available to guide you.

Another great news for you is that we don’t charge you anything for the design assistance in terms of delivery fees. Your order would be delivered to you free of cost and you only have to pay for the manufacturing price. Isn’t this a great deal?