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Sleeve Boxes

Custom Sleeve Boxes are an elegant way to promote your business and item in the market. Additional sleeves are added to the box to improve and enhance the value of the product packed inside. The imprinting on the box helps to provide a more crafty and artistic look. As per your product’s requirement, you can add as many sleeves as needed. Custom sleeve boxes are made with excellent materials and are an incredible choice to initiate a new product line. Various items, for example, CDs/DVDs, cleansers, chewing gum, cosmetics, and other products, acquire esteem when packed and conveyed in well-created sleeve boxes. Get your custom sleeve boxes at CUSTOM BOX MAKERS made in custom shapes, sizes, and designs. We offer error-free packaging services and quality products all over the United States. These boxes are available with numerous extra features; the logo printing on the front of the box helps in recognition of your brand, the window on the box provides a subtle look of the item inside and many more. For more information about the opportunities, that are offered in customization, sign onto our site to get a clearer picture. So, redefine your product packaging and get your hands on stunning custom sleeve boxes.



New sleeve boxes styles for promoting the products

It has become necessary to adapt to the change, get yourself comfortable with changing trends in the industry. Almost all sectors have grown so much that they cannot rely on methods, whether it is manufacturing, designing, or even marketing.

Everyone is shifting to new and better ways since the boom of industrialization. The process has gone so much efficiently, but there is another side of the picture. The other side is the increased competition in the market, there is very little room for mistake, and there is a need for reducing the cost of production.

End customers are in search of the right quality products at the lowest price. This thing has given to raise the situation in which the quality of the product is not the only parameter affecting the sales. Instead, the packaging style has also gone so much attention.

Build a solid image of your brand with custom sleeve boxes

There has been a lot of work is going on in this regard. There are many new styles in the market to increase the worth of the product. One such thing is the use of custom sleeve boxes. This new trend is making its place in the market.

At Custom Box Maker, one can have the order of its own choice, and any alteration to an existing design can be possible at a much reasonable price. A few years back, one can find these boxes only in the matches industry, as the matchbox is packed in this style.

With time, it has gone so much change in manufacturing because there has been an improvement in the materials and design. One can find these styles of boxes at a large number in every shop or big departmental store.

Gift boxes are widely used in the packaging industry. Most of these items are place in the plastic body or cardboard, but over them, there is a sleeve it increases the beauty and value of the product.

Wide uses of Sleeve Boxes

The other use of these styles is in the stationery sector. These sleeve boxes are widely used for packing the pen, and especially that one which is quite expensive and can be used for gifts. They are being made in quite different shapes, from simple rectangular to square shape, all options can be availed.

At Custom Box Maker, one can find any one of these shapes. Our team is an expert in transforming an idea into reality, depending upon the needs of the clients. The use of these style boxes is not limited to any particular industry, the unique style can be used in any sector, from food to cosmetics, and all are the beneficiaries of this method of packaging.

Making the boxes in a large number

This style is widely used in the cosmetics industry. This is one of the styles by using which sales are positively affected. Many cosmetics products are being supplied in the market in a large number. There is a bulk need for these products.

For packaging them, there is also a need to make the sleeve boxes wholesale order. Without them, there would be no shipping in the market, the whole supply chain can be disturbed.

At Custom Box Maker, we provide our clients with the facility of delivering the order in any range, from a limited number to wholesale level, all orders can be furnished in time.

We understand the importance of timely delivery of orders, to handle this situation we have installed the latest machinery so that bulk manufacturing of orders can be possible within deadlines.

Customization is most important

Sometimes the already existing designs cannot fulfill the purpose of packaging, so there is a need for customization. This can be done by changing the designs or adding some extra features. Mostly, this situation occurs while packing some new cosmetics products.

There are always new products, which require new packing boxes. This is when alterations in already existing models are the need. Besides, this unique packaging style also in demand in large numbers.

Custom Box Maker can handle the orders of custom sleeve boxes wholesale. We know-how innovation is important in the market. Many products need special promotional packaging for only a season or a short period, so there is a need for this.

For example, at special events like Christmas or New Year, the already designs cannot fulfill the desired requirements of promotion so the change is necessary. This has to be done elegantly, and we are experts in making things in the right way and in a large number.