Top 10 Custom Packaging Companies in the USA

Top 10 Custom Boxes Companies in the USA

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Do you need custom boxes for your business? Finding the right supplier can be a challenge. The good news is that plenty of companies in America offer custom boxes of all shapes and sizes. However, deciding which will suit your business needs takes work. There is no need to fret as we have brought you this write-up regarding the USA’s top 10 custom packaging companies. 

This blog post will discuss top companies that offer custom boxes in the USA with features and benefits. We’ll also cover essential considerations when choosing a custom box supplier. 

Scope of Custom Packaging Companies in the USA

Several packaging companies provide custom box services in the United States. Some packaging solutions offer average products, while others have top-notch services. It is up to you to choose a company that best suits your budget and other needs.

You have to consider many things before choosing any packaging solution provider. However, after reading the following content, you can choose the best option.

PSI (Packaging Service Industries)

It is the most efficient and cost-effective packaging partner. In addition, this Company uses advanced technology like BGM containers for large boxes that are only used in the USA. 

When you get services from PSI, you will know the significance of unique packaging. They always preferred customer satisfaction as their priority. Therefore, the boxes created by them are highly customized and present a complete picture of your brand’s theme.

They aim to fit and secure your product nicely with a unique shape, color, design, and logo. It will help in creating brand loyalty and a better customer experience.


Whether you are running a small business and want to grow your brand at an upper level for premium service, you can rely on one of the best packing partners, Packmojo

When you want to display your product, their custom packaging boxes protect your product securely in a unique way. With their durable and stylish packaging boxes, you can rest assured that your items will be safe in racks and during transportation.

That is an ideal shipping company for all types of businesses. It provides luxury rigid boxes, mailer boxes, sleeve boxes, make-up boxes, display boxes, etc. Using its packaging feature; you can also enhance a customer’s unboxing experience. 

ABOX Packaging Company 

ABOX is another one of the top custom box manufacturers. They provide rigid and folding cartons their packaging services are for all types of customers.

You can find their boxes in grocery stores, pharmaceutical companies, retailers, cosmetic departments, medical stores, hospitals, pet supply stores, etc. Furthermore, they make custom boxes for automotive companies, restaurants, and salons.

ABOX is a well-known packaging company in the USA because of its dedication. Its team does everything with cartoons and cards to create a brand’s unique style box. Quality and customer satisfaction is their foremost objective.

Elite Custom Boxes 

Elite Custom Boxes is one of the best custom packaging companies USA with years of outstanding performance. It uses sustainable raw materials to make customized boxes. These customized boxes are best to save and secure your product.

As a well-known custom box manufacturer, this Company provides many types of boxes. You can select any of them according to your needs and requirements. You can avail of their custom box services by considering them a top niche company. 

Their highly quality boxes leave deep and long-lasting impressions on customers’ minds. In addition, it will design your box by creating a customized logo for your brand. 


SupplyOne is another certified custom box maker or manufacturer in our top companies list. It is located in Pennsylvania, United States. They focus on customers’ demands and create customized boxes for different purposes.

Their main aim is to uncover hidden costs. Always strive for opportunities to increase efficiency, enhance product quality, and maintain cash flow.

They also provide custom packaging services for food, cosmetics, beverages, medical, automotive, and electronics industries.

Custom Box Makers 

Custom Box Makers is a top-quality custom packaging company USA. It’s all about providing a fantastic unboxing experience to its users. It provides packaging boxes of all types. 

You tell your requirements to expertise, and the Company’s experts make your brand well-known, among others. In addition, their free design service will customize your brand’s logo on your box.

CBM customizes your box and makes it perfectly suitable for your brand advertisements. The main aim of this Company is to protect your product and grab customers’ attention. They will create impressive designs of boxes that will attract your clients and make your brand distinctive. In short, it is the best solution for all your needs if you are looking for retail or wholesale packaging.

RTS Packaging, LLC.

It is one of the largest custom packaging companies all over the world. This Company designs a variety of boxes like folding cartons, die-cut paperboard components, solid fiber, sheeted paperboard, and corrugated partitions.

RTS Packaging LLC is located in most of the Western Region, with 15 locations in North and South America. It is a well-known packaging company that is famous for the availability of its good quality product at a reasonable price. 

Packaging Corporation of America

PCA is one of the largest manufacturers of containerboard and corrugated packaging products. It is located in Arlington Full-Line Plant, United States. This Company offers 120 facilities and 89 locations. The Company’s multiple plants meet the requirements and needs of a customer.

Packaging Corporation of America provides customers with a wide range of services and cost-effective solutions. It is the best option for you if you want to get incredibly accessible and responsive assistance. 

Leaman Container Inc.

Leaman Container is a family-renowned packaging company that has been offering services since 1974. The Company manufactures first and sells custom packaging boxes to business people and consumers.

Their products’ names are “corrugated boxes” instead of “cardboard boxes.” Due to their strength, lightweight, and environmentally friendly characteristics, corrugated boxes are the perfect shipping solution. The corrugated paper is fluted, forming a series of columns between flat sheets.

GPC (General Packaging Corporation)

GPC is the last one of the top custom packaging companies USA. It has offered services to customers and different businesses since 1957. The main product line of this Company includes platters, crates, foam cushioning products, and corrugated boxes.

It is known as a one-stop shop for its customers because you can get all types of boxes from this platform. That Company ships custom boxes to hundreds of its customers every month. And GPC also considers the wallet of its customers and provides good quality products at affordable prices.