Top Packaging Companies in South Africa

Packaging-Companies in-South-Africa

Packaging companies design, manufacture, and provide packaging solutions for all kinds of products and industries. These companies play an important role in making sure that products look presentable and reach safely to the customer from the manufacturer.

Packaging serves multiple functions, including protection, branding, marketing, and information dissemination. 

All products from any industry or of any size need packaging. For instance, From food products to jewelry items and from soaps to electronics, each product needs to be packaged safely to deliver to customers in fine form. 

Thousands of companies provide packaging, but finding the one suitable for your product is challenging. You must go for the packaging company that provides you with a unique customized packaging solution that not only attracts your customers but keeps your product safe inside. 

Moreover, it is vital to provide your customers with information that showcases the product’s unique and valuable features. It will help you make your product stand out and engage potential customers.

Top 5 Packaging Companies in South Africa

Over the past five years, 58% of global customers have significantly improved their financial well-being, especially in rising markets like the Middle East and Africa. 

This development led many companies from different sectors, including packaging, and is expected to grow more in a short time. 

Most packaging companies recognize the value of good packaging and are working towards improving their products to boost their profits.

 If you’re feeling unsure about how it could benefit your business and enhance your image, don’t worry! We are here with five top-ranked packaging companies in South Africa that can help you boost your business.


Revenue: $5.3 billion

Founded: 1936

Headquarters: Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa

Sappi is an International Packaging company with 12,800 workers providing their services in more than 35 countries.  

They have 10 production offices on three continents: Western Europe, North America, and Southern Africa, which produce annually:

  • 5.7 million tons of paper  
  • 2.4 million tons of paper pulp 
  • 1.4 million tons of dissolving pulp

They provide their services in over 150 countries to their customers directly or indirectly. Some of their Speciality products are listed below:

  • Biomaterials
  • Paper Packaging
  • Casting and Release Papers
  • Graphic Papers
  • Functional Paper Packaging
  • Label Papers, Paperboard
  • Containerboard
  • Flexible Packaging Papers
  • Silicone Base Papers
  • Tissue Papers
  • Dye Sublimation Papers and Inkjet Papers


Revenue: EUR4.5 billion

Founded: 1920

Headquarters: Espoo, Finland

Huhtamaki is a well-known name as a global provider of sustainable packaging. With 19,000 loyal employees, they provide facilities in 37 countries with 114 operating offices worldwide. 

They were awarded the gold medal from EcoVadis for providing sustainable packaging solutions. They create innovative products that:

  • Safeguard food and beverages on the go and on the shelf
  • Ensure hygiene safety and reduce food waste
  • Sustainability is considered in all aspects.

Constantia Flexibles Afripack

Revenue: $2.26 billion 

Founded: 1912

Headquarters: Vienna, Austria

Constantia Flexibles Afripack is known as the third most significant flexible packaging producer globally. The company has 7,700 employees working in 16 countries and manufacturing customized packaging at 30 sites

Constantia Flexibles has won the trust of many leading companies worldwide in the consumer and pharma industries because of their fantastic range of sustainable and innovative products.

The company is proud to be rated as A- Level by Climate Change Leadership (CDP) and awarded a gold medal by EcoVides in 2022.  

Their specialty products include: 

  • Food, Beverage, and Processed Food packaging
  • Pharma
  • Lidding
  • Printing 
  • Home and Personal Care
  • Ecolutions and Recyclable packaging
  • Blister


Revenue: R16.9 billion

Founded: 1968

Headquarters: Sandton, South Africa

Nampak is the largest manufacturer of packaging in metal, glass, paper, and plastic in Africa. With 4,314 workers, they create and sell countless flexible packaging and labels. 

Nampak’s broad geographic presence extends from South Africa through Africa and into Europe, strategically positioning the company to fulfill almost all customer requirements, local or international. 

Nampak has got you covered when it comes to packaging solutions. They offer the following services and packaging solutions to various industries including, cosmetics and toiletries, pharmaceutical and medical markets and the cigarette and tobacco:

  • Specialized equipment
  • Packaging design expertise
  • Technical support
  • A world-class R&D facility

Berry Astrapak 

Revenue: $454.4 Million 

Founded: 1995

Headquarters: Pinetown, South Africa

Berry Astrapak is a company that specializes in making all sorts of molded and thermoformed plastic packaging products, with a special focus on serving the African market. The company has 1519 staff members who are serving them dedicatedly.

They’re reliable in developing new and innovative ways to package things with plastic, and they have a great long-term plan for growth that includes growing naturally and taking on new projects.

They have specialties in the following packaging solutions: 

  • Mould Labelling
  • Extrusion Blow Moulding
  • Injection Blow Moulding
  • Injection Moulding
  • Plastic packaging products
  • Extensive range of rigid plastics

I specialize in creating cost-effective, attractive, and suitable packaging solutions for product protection. Currently, I’m collaborating with the company to craft customized packaging that aligns perfectly with the client’s needs.

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