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Nail Polish Boxes

All the big cosmetic brands try to invent new color shades to boost their sales and the biggest selling point is the appearance of the packaging. People believe that acquiring a perfect box for products is nearly impossible. But, the custom nail polish boxes we make here at CBM are made with an inch of perfect precision so that your product fits inside nicely and easily. We will make sure that the build quality of our boxes is up to the customer’s satisfaction as we are dealing with premium quality cardboard materials. Provide us with the design or any type of logo you want to be printed on the box and we’ll do it for you.



Custom Nail Polish Boxes – A Perfect Way to Make an Impact

Nail polish is one of the necessities when it comes to makeup. Females love to paint their nails in various colors. The demand is such that there are many brands only selling nail polish to their customers and earning millions of dollars.

Nail polish boxes are the boxes used for packaging nail polish and every known brand in their world has its specific packaging boxes. These boxes are versatile in color and design. The companies often use their logo and branding colors to distinguish their product from their competitors.

Custom nail polish boxes are a perfect product to fulfill this particular purpose. Everything from the material to the branding and information on the box can be customized. The customization of the boxes would help your customers recognize your product from far away.

No matter where in the world is being sold the customers can get the product or ask for it because of the specific branding. The customization is also really helpful in dismissing the lookalikes or copycats of any of your business at all.

Innovative Nail Polish Packaging – A Tool to Increase Your Sales

Customized packaging is becoming popular all around the world. The competition is fierce in the market and you have to take every chance to get ahead of your competitors. Even if you are a medium to a small business owner you have to put in extra effort to make your mark in the market.

A properly designed packaging solution of nail polish boxes would guarantee that the customers would at least be impressed by it. There are strong chances that they would buy the product and the rest of it depends upon the quality of your product.

Once you have impressed the customers with the packaging of the product you have a number of potential buyers. If the product impresses the customers as well, they would tell their loved ones and soon the word of mouth would go around in the market improving your sales.

Design Your Own Nail Polish Boxes

When we talk about customization it means that you can also play an important role in this process. If you want to get the packaging designed in a particular way it is possible. If you want to use a certain material like cardboard to make the custom nail polish boxes, we’ve got you.

You can put your logo on the boxes and you can even put some add ons as well. The size, length, width, and height of the boxes can be decided by you as well. Even if you need the help of our designers we have got you covered. You won’t be charged anything for the design help and you won’t also be getting charged for the cutting and dye process.

An Overview of the Complete Process

The whole process is pretty simple. You start by providing the details of the nail polish packaging you need and the number of boxes required after confirming your order. We give you a quote along with the number of days required for the completion of the order. Once we get ahead of this step, the design process begins.

You can provide your input or you can ask our highly qualified designers to design for you. Once you have approved the design we move towards the manufacturing process. After the completion of the manufacturing process, your order is shipped to your provided address. The order would be at your doorstep within 8 to 10 business days after order confirmation.

There are multiple other services you are provided which are mentioned as under:-

  • No shipping charges involved in the whole process. The order delivery fee is on us.
  • We provide the design assistance totally free of cost. The design team would be available to help you anytime.
  • Our customer service representatives are available to answer your questions 24/7.
  • The whole process is completely eco-friendly including the manufacturing process. The material we use is 100% recyclable.
  • We only use premium quality ink and material in our packaging solutions.

Get Discounted Nail Polish Wholesale Packages

There are multiple nail polish boxes wholesale packages available if you want to save your money. Even if you are spending a bit of amount on high-quality packaging basically it is an investment for the future.

We do want to facilitate our customers and you would be able to see it in the quote we provide you for your order. The price and quality would be unmatched in the market and we would deliver the order at your doorstep no matter where you live. It is our promise to provide you the best quality nail polish packaging at fair rates so that you are added to our long list of satisfied customers.