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Macaron Boxes

Let it be Italian or French, macarons have always aroused sweet cravings in all of us. If you own a bakery and make these macarons, then you should definitely take advantage of this fact. And present them in an even more irresistible manner. CBM make sure to keep your delicate delight macarons fresh, and preserves their smooth texture till the end, in custom macaron boxes. We are among the top distributors in delivering alluring and tempting custom packaging to our clients. For smooth handling, you can also add additional support. Custom macaron boxes are available in different styles, sizes, and layouts. You can make changes as per your requirement. These boxes are made using different materials like Kraft paper, cardboard, and corrugated board. Every single box is designed with perfection to deliver an outstanding experience to your customer. Let us know the exact specifications and details of your desired custom macaron box. And we will craft it for you. Our packaging ensures that all hygiene and health standards are met. Your well-being is our first priority. We will happily fulfill all your expectations.



Custom Macaron Boxes – Perfection For Your Confectionery Needs

Macarons are delicious sweets introduced first in France by an Italian cook. Their visual appeal matches their taste because they don’t only look artsy but they taste really good as well. Macaron boxes are a perfect packaging combination for this heavenly treat.

Macarons deserve a packaging box that matches their class and marvelousness. These boxes are specially designed to save macarons from any kind of contamination, damage, or shape distortion because that would take away the essence of these sweets.

The boxes can be produced in any shape, size, and style you want. The coloring options are enormous so you can experiment with different products to get to know which one is the favorite of your customers. It is all about thinking out of the box and we want to help you out in this process.

Customize Your Macaron Boxes The Way You Want

We all know that designing anything from scratch requires a certain level of expertise and domain knowledge. Our world-renowned designers have helped businesses from all over the USA to create their unique brand image in the world during the previous years.

Custom macaron boxes would endorse your products and the customers would be able to ask for your products anywhere. They would be able to identify your products in any market and more people would get to know what your brand is actually about.

You can apply perfect die-cut to your macaron boxes to create the best possible shape with neat cuts. You can create a window in the packaging boxes so the customers can have a look at the colorful delicacies before they’ve even opened the box.

Creative Add-Ons to Give a More Stylish Look to Macaron Boxes

Macarons are really colorful and tasty desserts and they have an individual identity. There are different varieties of this delicacy and you can sell them individually or in a group. The presentation needs to complement the macarons and custom macaron packaging can be deemed as an ideal solution.

There are interesting add-ons available when it comes to custom packaging boxes. You can add different kinds of bases and experiment with the portions so you can insert paper in order to keep each macaron in its original shape.

You can also put in sliders so the customers can have a look from the window on the box. These boxes are made of premium quality material so they save the macarons from crumbling, contamination, and any other kind of damage by external factors. Even if you move them around in these boxes the shape and taste of the sweets would remain intact.

Transforming Your Macaron Business Into an International Brand

It is definitely a difficult task to create a custom design of packaging boxes but it is necessary for any major brand. If you have thought about creating a brand you must have a few design ideas as well. We can help you transform those ideas into a reality because our designers are ready to help you for free. In addition to this, if you want us to design the custom macaron boxes we provide you the design services free of charge. Not only the design support is free but we also don’t charge you any shipping cost. We only use premium quality material in the manufacturing process which is 100% recyclable. We want our products to be eco-friendly because we love our planet and we don’t want to play a part in increasing solid waste around the globe.

Premium Custom Macaron Boxes Wholesale Packages

When it comes to selling products you are actually selling your brand’s image before the customers can even taste your products. The design and brand message can play an important role. You can use your brand to put out any message in case you want to create a social impact.

The elegant packaging boxes for your macarons would become a long-term investment for your business. We promise a quick turnaround as you will receive your order within 8-10 days after the confirmation of your order.

Our customer service representatives are available 24/7 to respond to your queries regarding our custom macaron boxes wholesale packages that would benefit you greatly in the long run. From the moment you start working with us, you would be informed about each and every process.

We use top-quality printing ink and you can choose different customization options to make your packaging boxes unique as compared to every other brand in the market. Create an amazing visual appearance for your macarons and sell them like hotcakes.

The boost in sales would definitely be surprising for you once you start selling them in customized packaging. Put on yummy images to create mouthwatering packaging that makes your customers leave craving for more every time.