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Lotion Boxes

Good packaging for a good product always leads to bigger sales. Every beauty product is unique in its own way. Our company holds years of experience in packaging, making us one of the leading packaging companies in the market. We provide a one-stop solution for your packaging problems. We make custom boxes for your products according to your demands. Yes, you read it right. We will cater to all your demands. All you need to do is to tell us about the size, design, and even the material you want us to use for making your boxes. If you want any logo or slogan of your company, we will do it for you. We provide quality assurance and promise delivery on time. So you don’t have to worry about shipping delays.



What are Lotion Boxes?

Lotion boxes are the packaging boxes used for the storage and delivery of different kinds of lotions. These are not your ordinary packaging boxes because these are designed to keep the lotion in its best form.

Although, most of the lotions are either packed in sachets or bottles before they are put into a box but still the protection is vital because any pressure, moisture, or extreme weather would lower the quality of the product.

If the product is not in its best form reaching the customer it would not be good for business. Any business wouldn’t want this to happen so most of the famous brands are using these boxes as their packaging solution.

Now if you do what everyone else is doing how would you create a unique image of your brand? Custom lotion boxes are the solution to this problem. Lotion box packaging can be customized to fulfill all of your requirements.

You can allure more customers and increase the ROI along with creating a better image of your brand. The customization makes the whole branding image way better for your company and the product in the market.

Custom Lotion Boxes – A Perfect Packaging Solution

The design of the custom lotion boxes is made according to your ideas. You can just share the brand idea or what you want your product to represent and we will create a great design for you. Our design department has helped various brands to kickstart their career and also worked for established brands to send a message out.

Our design team can transform your dreams into reality. If you want us to create a perfect design for your brand we can do that. It all depends on your requirements. You can customize the size, the style, the branding message, and include any kind of information on these boxes.

The boxes are made from a material that can handle pressure and you can send your products hundreds of miles away. This is an investment that would create a marketing opportunity for your brand. Just think of the packaging boxes present at a place and as they would be attractive people would ask about them from your customers.

Your product would get the marketing it deserves and new potential customers would be under your radar.

Lotion Boxes Wholesale Rates for a Discounted Plan

Lotion boxes wholesale packages are a great idea as far as saving the budget is concerned. Many people think the custom lotion boxes would be expensive but the notion is untrue. You just have to find a manufacturer that gives you a fair price and we promise to give you a great deal.

All you need to is to connect with us and our customer support representatives would reply to you as soon as possible. They are active 24/7 and they would get in touch with you to know about the requirements and give you a quote right away.

Once the price is agreed upon we will move towards the design and after you finalize the design we will start the manufacturing process. You would receive your order within 8 to 10 business days after you have finalized the order.

This is one of the quickest turnaround time frames in the market. The design assistance provided to you would be free of cost. You don’t have to pay anything in terms of the shipping fee. It is one of the best deals you would find online and we are determined to deliver the best quality products to our customers anytime.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

All of our products are created with the notion that our planet is extremely important to us. We only make environmentally friendly products. Each and every action involved in creating lotion boxes are eco-friendly starting right from the design to manufacturing.

The boxes are made from 100% recyclable material. The material is sturdy yet not harmful to the environment. Not contributing towards polluting the Earth is our first priority. There are dozens of types of lotions and it wouldn’t be intelligent to use the same packaging solution for all of them.

We will give you a different design for each one of the types of lotions you are producing. Not only it would make your customers fall in love with the product but you can also attach different add-ons to increase the facilitation for them.

You can add handles, ribbons, cards, or a window so they might be able to see the product before opening the box. The whole customization concept is to give you the best packaging solution