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Kraft Takeout Boxes

Nowadays, many Chinese restaurants use Kraft Takeout Boxes as an affordable and attractive way to package their food. These boxes have the ability to keep the warmth of soups, noodles, and several other items for a significant time period, which help to keep the food fresh until it makes its way to its consumer! There is no way that one can attract customers to buy their product with bland packaging. Custom Box Makers brings you a lifetime opportunity to customize your packaging in an attractive way to amuse your customers! We at CBM provide custom packaging solutions for your Kraft takeout boxes wholesale as an opportunity to market your brand in a unique manner. Utilizing our eco-friendly materials, we can make the boxes you want, exactly how you want. In addition, our experts have a never-ending range of customizing options for your boxes. You can ask our experts to make a change in your box, and our experts will devour their love into the making of your packaging! With us, you can customize everything from the size to the shape, along with your logo, so that you will stand out on the market. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to get your instant quote by mailing us at 📧 sales@customboxmakers.com.



Kraft Takeout Boxes – An attractive way to preserve food:

We have to admit one thing: Chinese Kraft Takeout Boxes are one of the most wonderful things that ever happened to the fast-food industry. What is that one wants in food packaging? It should be convenient, easy to carry, keeps the food fresh, and don’t require any long process. Custom Kraft Takeout Boxes have all of these things in them! Many companies think that these takeout boxes are only viable for Chinese food, but it’s a myth, not a reality. From Chinese food to Indian food, you can store anything in them! If and only if you customize the boxes appropriately, these boxes can be an incredible asset for you in the marketplace! At Custom Box Makes, we take pride in making your packaging look attractive. With our specialized experts, there is nothing that you cannot achieve while manufacturing your packaging.

Just hit us up with your requirements and see our experts do their magic!

Customizing your boxes to amuse customers:

These Kraft takeout packaging boxes have popularity in the retail market as well as in the wholesale market. You can have these boxes with some custom visuals that can help you to distinguish yourself in the market. Moreover, our experts have a vast range of customizing your packaging on the basis of your product. And our customization process includes:

  • Raw Material Selection
  • Sizes & Shapes
  • Custom Design

Raw Material Selection:

In order to have the perfect packaging solutions, you will need to have the ideal raw material! We use Kraft Paper in order to make your Kraft takeout packaging. With this material, you can print custom designs without concern about ruining the texture. And moreover, this packaging material is reusable, so it is possible for you to reuse your packaging in an effective manner!

Sizes & Shapes:

In order to have the best appealing factor in the market, you have to make sure that your packaging is perfect in every aspect! And this leads us to have the appropriate sizes and shapes for them! For example, if you intend to deliver instant noodles, you need to ensure that the shape and size of the package you select is one that your product will fit into! With us, you have an option to customize your packaging size and shape as per the basis of your product! And our experts will make sure that you get what you have been looking for!

Custom Designs:

Our experts have more than one hundred exquisite templates for your product’s packaging from which you can choose one to have on your Kraft takeout boxes. And if you have something more unique design to have imprinted on your Kraft boxes! Reach out to us because our experts are passionate about bringing your ideas to life.

Adding basic info to enhance brand integrity:

Packages play an important role in attracting customers and promoting brands. You can use your packaging as a way to introduce your brand to its consumer in the marketplace by adding some brand info on them. Further, you can ask our experts to add your brand info, and they will make sure to have them printed on your custom boxes!

What makes us the ideal choice?’

The Custom Box Makers team makes it easy for businesses to order affordable packaging and custom kraft takeout boxes wholesale online. We use high-quality raw materials in order to make your packaging unique in the market. Our printing equipment is up-to-date. Therefore, you can ask us to use any printing method you like in order to have an advantage in the market! Although we have so much to tell you, we just can’t tell all of it here. We will guide you more effectively by chatting with our customer support! Anyway, here’s a gist of our exceptional services:

Cost-effective packaging solutions:

We at CBM also deal in wholesale packaging, which lets you have a lower rate along with the customization. Not only this, when you go for the wholesale packaging solutions, we will also give you some of the services for free!

Turnaround time:

We make sure to deliver your packaging in 8-10 working days! And if you go wholesale with us, then as a free service of ours, you will get the shipment of your packaging for free!

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us by contacting us at 📞+1(844)-269-3730 or by emailing us at 📧 sales@customboxmakers.com.

Frequently Asked Question

What are Kraft takeout boxes?

Kraft takeout boxes are specifically custom-designed for takeout food. Paperboard is tailor-made into thick, leak-resistant boxes that are incredibly durable. Restaurant owners or head chefs can purchase these Kraft takeout containers wholesale and use them to package food they plan to sell to consumers on the go.

Why do I need to have Kraft takeout boxes for my business?

Kraft takeout packaging boxes ensure a neat and professional presentation of your food. Order Kraft takeout containers by the case to save money, and make sure you always have enough for when it is time to bring the meal out.

Are my Kraft boxes tailor-made of eco-friendly material?

Yes! Our Kraft boxes are tailor-made of paperboard, with 100% recycled interior paper, and they are recyclable. Each box has been custom-printed with soy inks, a great green alternative to petroleum-based inks. The boxes feature scoring to wrap and bend easily into a variety of reusable packaging solutions.