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Kraft Sleeve Boxes

Create your Kraft sleeve boxes by providing the captive images and slogan to attract more customers to your product! People frequently benefit from custom box packaging, which allows them to store multiple items of the same or similar pattern inside a custom Kraft box. Boxes with windows that are tailor-made of paperboard Kraft sleeves include a slide-out tray inserted within the exterior shell to gain a sliding structure, making it easy to store or remove items. A tray is typically enclosed on three sides, on the back, and on the front, while the top is generally open to allow easy passage of objects. Using our expertise and craftsmanship, the Custom Box Makers have become positive ambassadors of your organization. With CMYK/PMS printing, we can provide our customers with a vibrant, sharp, and dynamic appearance. In the case of custom imprinting on Kraft sleeve packaging boxes, it is feasible for you to get maximum benefits from the imprinting process through both our abilities and expertise. In addition, we provide you with a range of options for themes, designs, and text styles to differentiate your product from the crowd. If you require further information, contact us so we can assist you with your queries. Contact us now by emailing us at sales@customboxmakers.com!



Create Kraft Sleeve Boxes to flourish your sales:

Every business comes into the market with a vision of having more sales! In order to achieve this goal, they attempt to attract customers to their product. So what is it that you can do to fulfill this? Using custom boxes is the perfect way to accomplish this, and the most appropriate packaging solution is to have “Kraft Sleeve Boxes.” These sleeve boxes have the mechanism to store your product in a way that they can’t get harmed in any circumstance. With us, you can create your own packaging in any way!

Regardless of your packaging specifications, you can count on us to manufacture it utilizing the latest printing or molding techniques! Our experts are highly qualified to make your packaging unique, and they will be able to guide you if you are outdated on your packaging. So they will surely assist you to have the better one! Let’s discuss what you can achieve with us if you customize your packaging from us!

Customize all aspects of your Kraft sleeve packaging:

At Custom Box Makers, you can have your packaging tailor-made out in the way you want it to be. Customizing with us is easier than you can think. From size to the shape of your box, you can customize it all. Below is the article, you will find out what kind of services you can have from us when it comes to customizing a sleeve box!


You can have your Kraft sleeve packaging in any size. For example, the standard size of a box is 1.81″ x 1.13″ x 2.93″, but with us, you can have your kraft boxes tailor-made into any size! The size of your boxes is dependent on the size of your product. So tell our experts the details of your product, and they will guide you to have the best size for your boxes!


You can customize the shape of your too with us! No matter what you have in your mind, our expert will make sure to make your idea into reality! Whether you want to have packaging shaped vertically or horizontally, we can customize your packaging just the way you want! So worry not, as our experts will ensure that you get what you want!

Style & Fonts:

In the end, consumers tend to pick up packaging they find visually appealing! And the best way to do it is to have a packaging style and fonts that are eye-appealing. Our expert uses digital printing techniques to make sure the font that you print on your boxes can give your customers a realistic feel!

For a more appealing appearance, use a Kraft sleeve:

With us, you can have your Kraft sleeve customized with unique designs on them. It is the most compelling form of packaging to have packaging with distinctive designs and visuals on it. With this, you can attract many buyers to make a purchase of your product! And if you don’t have any unique ideas, worry not, as our designers will guide you to have something best as we have more than one hundred templates from which you can choose for your packaging solutions!

Bring your brand to life with custom packaging:

One thing that is a must for every business is to stand out in the market. And, now it is possible to advertise your brand via your packaging. We can create packaging that can cope with your brand. As we want to ensure that your business is successful, we provide you with the option of having your brand initial on your packages. Our custom box manufacturers will take care of printing your initials on these boxes after they receive the information about your brand from you. Therefore, don’t wait and email us the requirements of your sleeve boxes at sales@customboxmakers.com and get your 3D mockup ready!

What makes us special?

In the packaging industry, we seek to give the best to our clients, as the saying goes: “Customer Satisfaction is what satisfies us!”

Our experts make sure to do their utmost to make your packaging. As our experts are taught to devour their love and affection into the packaging, so you can have the best. In addition, we provide a wide range of services if you order from us, which is what makes us unique! Although we can’t discuss it all here, so hit us up in our chat support, and our representative will guide you on more about having the perfect box! Anyway, here’s the gist of the service that we provide to our clients!

An effective way to reduce the cost:

We provide the Kraft sleeve boxes wholesale in order for you to have a lower rate on your boxes. We can understand that one cannot just spend all of their budget for which we also deal in wholesale services, which can give you plenty of benefits, along with the lower rate on your boxes!

Our shipping times are round the clock:

No matter what your requirements are, we are devoted to making your packaging unique in order for you to attract customers! We provide shipping that is around the clock. Our guarantee is that we always meet our commitments! We take around 8-10 days to deliver your Kraft sleeve to your doorsteps. And yes, we do accept rush orders as well!

So what’s with all the wait?

Place your order now to get a quote by contacting us at 📞 +1 (844)-269-3730 or email us at 📧 sales@customboxmakers.com.

Frequently Asked Question

What are Kraft sleeve boxes wholesale?

Kraft sleeves are the best way to package your goods in order to attract your customers to the product! Having Kraft sleeve boxes wholesale can help you to stay on budget as wholesale packaging is all about lower rates!

Is shipping free on wholesale boxes?

Yes! If you order your Kraft sleeve packaging from us in bulk, we will give the shipping for free! Meaning that the shipping charge will not be incurred in the bill, so you won’t have to pay a penny for shipping!

Are my Kraft boxes eco-friendly?

Yes! The boxes that we provide to our customers are 100% eco-friendly. As a result, we are using raw material that is derived from the pine tree, which is nature itself. So it won’t harm the environment around you!