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Kraft Pillow Boxes

The Kraft Pillow boxes look like ordinary and customary Kraft packaging boxes. However, these custom boxes have adjusted edges in order to make them look unique. The specially-designed custom Kraft Pillow container is not only different from the old conventional-looking Kraft pillow packaging; but at the same time, it is distinguished and exclusive in its texture. Custom packaging a product inside an impressive box is as significant as assembling a good object. The Custom box packaging must be able to add magnificence to your items by offering gorgeous looks that will appeal to the consumers. The Custom Box Makers offers custom Kraft Pillow boxes, which we produce using Kraft material. We fabricate our wisely-crafted custom printed Kraft Pillow containers with top-quality Kraft material to give a striking look. The materials we use are durable and lightweight for the custom packaging of your item. Kraft papers usually have an unpleasant surface. But, imprint it with stunning hues and designs, and it will entice the consumers to purchase your product. Customized Kraft Pillow containers are also available in different shapes and sizes. We die-cut these custom boxes, so you can get your desired shape of the box with clean edges.



To Increase Your Sales, Use Premium Kraft Pillow Boxes

Kraft pillow boxes are a premium styled packaging solution with rounded edges and a lid at one side to open them. They are known as pillow boxes because they appear like pillows. These boxes are made of sturdy material and are applicable for packaging multiple products.

You may have seen them in pharmacies, you may have seen them applicable for delivering cash, or they are applicable for delivering gifts. Usually, the brown Kraft pillow box variant is applicable for these purposes, but the anonymity makes it unsuitable for brands or even for personal use.

Attractiveness and uniqueness are key factors in creating brand value in the market. You need to have a different angle, a different style, and a different recognition from your competitors.

Design Unique Kraft Pillow Boxes for Your Brand

Custom Kraft pillow boxes bring the uniqueness you require for your brand or your company. Customization means that you can have these boxes in any size and for any kind of product. The style is in your hands, and we will design according to your requirements.

If you want all the boxes in the same color or you want to have multi-colored boxes, anything is possible. This opportunity is very much to create your own packaging solution opportunity. Although you won’t have to deal with the manufacturing part, that could be a headache.

You can just give the order, and you will receive your boxes within 8 to 10 business days. The order will come to your doorstep, what do you want more?

Impress Your Customers with Kraft Pillow packaging

The design of the custom pillow boxes could be difficult for someone who doesn’t have any background knowledge of design, right? Well, we will help you to create your dream design, even if you don’t have any kind of technical background.

If you want the Kraft boxes to have a certain aesthetic sense, you’ve got it. If you want your boxes to have a special texture, we will provide you with it. You want to transform an inspiration into reality, we’ve done it a thousand times and over.

We are here to facilitate you, and even if you don’t have any design in consideration, we will give you multiple innovative designs customized for your product. And you can choose any one of them. It is all about giving you an elite packaging solution.

You can get CMYK or PMS printing. The printing quality will be world-class, and you can get anything printed on the boxes. You want your logo for which you wish to put details about the product. Or either you want to put a particular name, anything is possible.

We give you the freedom no one else would provide in the whole market.

Add unique features to your Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes

One of the most interesting things about the custom kraft boxes is the variety of add-ons you can enjoy with these boxes. You can try a window cut out so the customers can see your product before even opening the box.

You may want gold/silver foiling or raised ink printing because it suits your branding style. It is available, and we offer even more. You can get a coating of your choice with the die-cut option available to increase the attractiveness of the packaging solution.

We give you a digital proof of the design and a 3D mockup if required. We offer a solution that you won’t be able to find in the whole market at a fair price. Try to save your precious time by taking away the packaging tension, and you can focus on making your product even better.

Let us handle the packaging, and we will provide you with a world-class solution within your budget.

Kraft Pillow Packaging Wholesale – A Great Investment

As a business, you don’t want to leak any part of the investment. Discounted options are always preferable if there is no compromise on quality. Kraft pillow boxes wholesale packages are available for you. These Kraft pillow packaging are custom-designed to serve you in the best way.

There is no compromise on quality, and you even get to save your money. The wholesale rates are quite less than the standard rates, but you have to buy a certain number of boxes. If you want more information about these packages, you can contact our customer support representatives, and they will get back to you with a quotation.

Using Kraft Pillow Boxes to Create Success

We want a successful business partnership, but we don’t want to do business at the expense of increasing pollution in the world. Global warming is already harming our planet to no extent, and we want our products to be 100% recyclable.

Our operations are custom-designed to create eco-friendly products without polluting the environment. We don’t charge you anything for the design assistance. Ship the order to your provided address free of cost all over the USA.

We guarantee the highest quality of material used in the manufacturing of our products and you can compare our rates with any company in the market. We will surely be your best choice as we have been working successfully for years because of our values, quality, and fair pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Kraft pillow boxes?

Kraft pillow boxes are a creative, functional alternative to the traditional cardboard box. With four sizes and three different styles (tab closure and flat closure), you now have the perfect package for many different products. Tailor-made of 100% recycled materials, our boxes will not only reduce your cost but also go easy on our environment.

Can I have some add-ons on my boxes?

Yes! Take your store to the next level with our 100% Shopify compatible add-ons. Whether you’re after a sophisticated storefront design or a way to monitor sales activity, we offer plenty of premium and pro software solutions that can help.

Are my boxes made of eco-friendly materials?

Sometimes the best, most eco-friendly option is a box that’s already been used. With our tough Kraft paper construction and waterproof design, the re-usable packing boxes are constructed to last and can be used again and again.