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Kraft Paper Sleeves

Kraft paper sleeves are an attractive drawer of your product that can help you to brand it without storing it in expensive boxes. If you’re on a budget and want to have something attractive for your product, then going for Kraft paper covers is the best option for you! You can use find these sleeves under the name of belly wraps as well as they both mean the same! At Custom Box Makers, you can have your custom Kraft paper sleeve in an attractive way. As our experts are highly-qualified is subject to making your packaging solutions appear more attractive! With us, you can customize your packaging in every aspect. From size to shapes we can deliver it all to you. In order to craft your packaging, we use eco-friendly materials that are unique. We at CBM make sure that our customers get what they were looking for. Using Custom Sleeves not only can help you to store your product. But it can also help you to stand out in the market! So get in touch with our experts and get the 3D mockup of your packaging sleeves, so you can know what you can have with us! Why wait? Contact us now at 📞 +1 (844)-269-3730.



To increase the appeal of your product, use Kraft Paper Sleeves:

You might be wondering what Kraft paper sleeves are. These sleeves are a unique way to introduce you to the market without compromising your budget. These packaging sleeves are also well-known as belly covers, and they are a great way to brand your product without spending money on a box. This packaging solution is perfect for those who can’t afford to buy custom boxes or are on a budget! It does look like a box but without opening and closing tuck ends.

In order to make your product stand out from the competition, put your product into these sleeves, and voila! You have something that looks truly unique! At Custom Box Makers, we are specialized to make your packaging solutions into pure art. If you are looking to have unique packaging for your brand, then look nowhere else, as we got your back in every aspect of customization! Below is the detail of what you can have with us!

To be bold in the market, customize Kraft sleeves:

Customization is a bold and unique process in which you can have your Kraft boxes, sleeves, and Kraft bags ready in an elegant way. We at Custom Box Makers tend to use the latest customization technique in order to satisfy our clients. With us, you can customize your packaging solutions in every aspect, from the sizes to the design you may want to have on your sleeve. You can have it all with us! Here’s a glimpse of our customization process.

  • Selecting the raw materials
  • Size & Shape
  • Designs/Templates
  • Colors & Fonts

Approaching for the appropriate raw material:

Selecting the right raw material to meet your custom Kraft paper sleeve packaging needs is the first step to having the perfect packaging. Our customers can choose to have their sleeves tailor-made from either Kraft paper or cardboard. Most sleeves are custom-made with Kraft paper. It is not only cheaper to use Kraft paper sleeves, but it also helps with other aspects of customizing your sleeves’ packaging! Therefore, using Kraft paper would be the appropriate thing to do to have your belly covers!

Sizes & Shapes:

At Custom Box Makers, you can have your custom Kraft paper sleeve in any size or in any shape your desire. The product will only fit in these sleeves if it is in the appropriate size sleeve packaging. Therefore, it is compulsory for you to tell the details of your product to our experts, so they can make your packaging in an appropriate size. Along with the size, the second thing that matters the most is to have the appealing appearance of the sleeves, meaning their shape!

We are professional in making the perfect Kraft paper sleeve packaging for your product. We can turn your sleeves in any shape you desire. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about anything else as our expert will help you to make your packaging more appealing in the market!


When it comes to standing out in the market, you have to make sure one thing is that you have an eye-appealing appearance from which you can entice your customers to make a purchase of your product! We have more than 100 templates for you from which you can select any design/visual to have imprinted on your packaging! Our experts will provide you with everything you need to have creative packaging. We consider packaging a pure art that attracts customers to the product! So, contact us now to get your packaging with unique designs!

Colors & Fonts

Packaging isn’t less than artwork, you have to keep in mind that what you use to showcase is not only representing your product but also representing your brand! With us, you can have your packaging in different colors depending on your requirement. And you can have your brand initials imprinted in any font to advertise your product. Therefore, not only can you use these Kraft paper sleeve packaging to protect your product from outer harm, but you can also use them to advertise your brand!

Why choose us?

We provide the FDA-approved packaging service to our clients, which means you can fully trust us with your packaging and we will make sure that you get what you wished for! We use the best printing technique that helps your products’ packaging visual to stand out in the market. There is so much that you get from us, but here’s a glimpse of what we provide:


We understand the factor that not everyone can spend thousands of bucks on their packaging for which we also deal in wholesale. Hence, this means you can have your packaging in bulk, but at a lower rate! And yes, you can still customize them with us!


The raw material that we use to manufacture Kraft paper sleeve packaging copes with eco-friendliness. Thus, with us, you do not have to worry about your product not being eco-friendly since our manufacturers take care of all aspects of your order!

Turnaround time:

We make sure to deliver packages to our clients within 8-10 days. And moreover, when you go wholesale with us, we do free shipping as it is our way to show the gratitude of our love!

Frequently Asked Question

What are Kraft paper sleeves?

Kraft paper sleeves are the packaging device just like a t-shirt that helps you to cover your product in an attractive way. You can have your custom Kraft paper sleeve from us in any size and shape!

Why do I need to customize my sleeves?

You can find many of the same sleeves in the market with no progress at all. With us, you can customize your sleeve packaging, which enables you to have your Kraft paper sleeve packaging in any way you desire!

Is my Kraft paper sleeve packaging eco-friendly?

Yes, the sleeves you get from us are tailor-made of eco-friendly packaging materials that allow us to customize your packaging while being environmentally friendly at the same time!