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Kraft Handle Boxes

Our company specializes in manufacturing custom Kraft handle boxes which provide packing of your product as a single unit; nevertheless, by adding the handle. And this makes the product easy to move around when you’re done with it. People use custom cardboard handle boxes for packaging their products, but at the same time, they would rather not compromise on the ease of movement on the boxes. You are unquestionably going to eliminate the challenge by providing the same old and familiar boxes for your items. When it comes to packaging, customization is the only way to stand out. With our exceptional expertise in the production of custom Kraft handle boxes, The Custom Box Makers provides its clients with custom shapes and sizes according to their specifications. Kraft paper can be die-cut to provide packaging for a wide range of different products. Custom boxes with die-cut edges and folds will have a perfect appearance. Utilizing the most up-to-date equipment, we imprint your custom-printed handle boxes at an affordable price per unit. Due to its ability to handle both mass and short-run orders, CBM has immediately gained notoriety. Make sure you are using the most appropriate packaging for your products as soon as possible.



Custom Kraft Handle Boxes As High-Grade Packaging

Businesses need to make sure their packaging offers customers the best quality product. So they are happy even before they open a package. If you want your business to succeed, you need to choose a high-quality solution and manufacturer.

It would seem that the next logical step after focusing on the quality of a product would be to package it in a way that fits the specific needs of the consumer. There is no better choice in this regard than custom kraft handle boxes, no matter if you are shipping gifts, jewelry, bakery items, or accessories.

As well as being sturdy and able to withstand pressure, these boxes also have special handles. Due to their ease of transportation, they offer an advantage over other options in terms of mobility. You can do a lot of experimenting with the boxes due to the customization, which gives them a lot of appeal.

When you have the authority to alter anything about the packaging, you can be creative and experiment with different ideas. Even though it is a new phenomenon in the market, most international brands have already implemented this approach and achieved great results.

Custom Kraft Boxes Improve Customer Satisfaction

Personalized Kraft handles boxes are a great packaging choice for any business selling small goods. In addition to making your product look unique, handles will also make your product more useful to the customers as described above.

With the custom option, you can easily customize the style of Kraft handle packaging boxes, whereas a generic option can’t be custom-made. Let your customers have a choice of boxes based on the items they are purchasing. You will get instant hype in the market. Because it is something very different than the majority of local brands.

You will increase your revenue and sales if you can improve the quality of the items. Our company will be able to assist you with it for a very reasonable price if you give us a chance.

You won’t have to worry about the manufacturing or design process since we will handle it for you. And we will deliver your order right to your doorstep. Comparing our offers with the market will allow you to compare the highest quality packaging at the lowest rates.

Brand your business with Kraft Handle Packaging

It is refreshing to see Kraft handle packaging on the market. The customer wants something different and innovative. The creative qualities of a box will surely attract any potential customer’s attention, and it will be an attractive purchase. It is unlikely that you will ever go back to the generic boxes in the future once you select the custom Kraft handle box.

It is possible for you to participate in the design process and suggest ideas. Your customers can also see any type of text or image you like on the box and learn more about the product. You can print anything there, but it’s like having branding space on each box.

You do not have to pay anything for these Kraft boxes as a form of branding.

Saving money on marketing would be a breeze with a 2 in 1 marketing solution for your company. Making your customers happy is the best form of marketing and by making them happy, you’ll bring in more potential customers.

As a business and as a brand, it will give your business and brand an edge over your competitors.

Why Choose us?

We deal in Kraft handle boxes Wholesale that will help your business decrease its expenses even more. Packages like these are available for those who are looking to order big and save money on each order. Some of our exceptional services are below:

Turnaround time:

You can receive your order anywhere in the world within 8 to 10 business days without paying a single shipping fee.

Pixel perfect visuals:

Moreover, our designers are always available to help you completely free of charge, and you can even avail of die-cutting services without spending any money. We aim to add you to the list of our satisfied customers. All you need to do is contact our customer support team. Our customer service representatives will answer all of your questions about our products and offers.

Upon telling them what you need, you can get an instant quote. They are available 24/7. We will keep you updated every step of the way, and you will be part of the process throughout.

Frequently Asked Question

What are Kraft handle boxes?

Kraft handle boxes are soft cardboard shipping boxes. They’re bulkier than standard corrugated boxes, and they’re sometimes a little less expensive. Our shipping policy generally does not include packaged food items, but we do occasionally ship rice and coffee beans in these.

Does Kraft handle boxes help my business to boost?

Kraft paper-hinged handle boxes in your business to increase your sales. Although a little is more expensive and more difficult to obtain than the average lunch box, Kraft seems to be a fancier option for most people. However, the sensible choice makes it one of the better choices out there. Using boxes of Kraft may encourage potential customers to purchase your products ​