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Kraft Bakery Boxes

Being a baker in this modern era needs to have modern packaging solutions. Kraft Bakery Boxes are the perfect viable option for your baked goods. You need to have something great for your product, for which we at CustomBoxMakers provide the best packaging solutions in order to make your product appealing to food enthusiasts! In order to have your Kraft bakery boxes with window, you can trust us as we strive to give our best to our clients. As we say here at CBM, “Your utmost happiness is what we strive for!” With us, you can have your boxes ready in any shape or in size you desire. From pies to cakes, we have boxes for all of your goods. Our experts have the aptitude to make your packaging as per your requirements. To illustrate, if you would like your product to have a custom design on them, our graphic designers will work with you throughout the process. As it is our dream to make our client’s dream come true! In order to make your product’s packaging look more interesting, our box manufacturers can help you to have die-cutting on your boxes! So why wait? Contact us right away to place your order 📞 +1(844)-269-3730.



Kraft Bakery Boxes Designed to Attract Food Enthusiasts:

Baked goodies are the best thing that happens in the food industry. Not a single person can deny the fact that if you see well-organized cakes with sprinkles on them, you will want to have that. And for products like these, one needs to have custom Kraft bakery boxes. We at the Custom Box Makers have multiple options for you to have your bakery packaging for your baked goods! So, you can pack your baked goods, eateries, and confetti products with eye-appealing packaging to facilitate sales of your product!

Our experts enjoy the process of transforming your baked goods, eateries, and confetti products into eye-appealing packaging! And the box that we provide for your goods is tailor-made of earth-friendly material. And this makes sure no harm is done to your product or to nature! Therefore, with us, you won’t have to worry because your packaging will be more eye-catching than ever. And you’ll be eco-friendly, ensuring the protection of the planet! So what is stopping you from ordering from us? Contact us right now!

Pack your sweetened good in boxes with windows:

Nothing could be more captivating than a product whose packaging can tell us more about it just by looking at it. We at Custom Box Makers provide the perfect packaging solution depending on the customer’s needs. We provide Kraft bakery boxes with windows in order for you to attract more customers to your baked items! Furthermore, we use high-quality PVC die-cutting techniques to make sure the texture and the quality of your box remain the same. So you can display your product in a luxurious manner!

With Kraft boxes with window, you can attract many customers and tell more about your product. As your buyer will be able to see the product through the window. And this will give him/her the satisfaction of making a purchase of it. As a result, we highly recommend that you place a window on your boxes if you’re dealing with baked goods.

Perquisites of customizing Kraft packaging boxes:

Customization of products is the very need of a business. No matter what type of business you own or run, Kraft bakery box packaging can aid you in all aspects. Among other things, these boxes are eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable, so much more! And with the Kraft paper material, we can create any shape or any size you desire to have for your packaging solutions:


You get the opportunity to make your desired box sizes for your bakery product which makes the display look beautiful on shelves. People tend to better respond to a well-sized box with attractive window panels that are also UV printed!


We know that your packaging can be as unique as the products you sell, and we will help you create them with great pleasure. Moreover, be it your custom-made shapes or the needs of any special product feature. Our team will make sure to provide them to you so that you can enjoy the high-end luxury of your products.

What kinds of bakery boxes are there?

We deal in all kinds of bakery boxes from cupcakes to Pie boxes, you can have any box ready from us! As it is our specialty to provide you with the best-printed box, we have tailor-made sure to offer you a wide range of customization! We will let you choose the design, the name to be printed on your box, the color combination, as well as the dimensions. Having such an opportunity, you can make your box stand out in the market!

We understand that your product comes first, so if you want any kind of bakery box we can provide you with it! Due to our commitment to quality, we deliver your product only after thorough quality control.

Perks for getting your boxes from us:

The only question that may arise is why you should buy your custom boxes from us! Kraft bakery boxes wholesale allows you to have your bakery packaging in bulk quantities at very affordable rates, accompanied by some free services. Our exceptional services are as follows:

Pixel-Perfect Visuals:

With the team having experience of 5 years and still counting, our designers can provide you with pixel-perfect visuals on your Kraft bakery boxes wholesale! And when you order your boxes in bulk we provide this service for free for you to avail yourself!

Shipping turnaround time:

For wholesale Kraft bakery packaging, we offer free shipping so you can have your packaging at a lower rate. Our shipping turnaround service delivers your boxes in 8-10 days! We understand the importance of speedy shipping in a business environment. Therefore, we deliver our products as per your requirements on your doorsteps!

Contact us to get your order ready with our exceptional box makers by contacting us at 📞 +1(844)-269-3730 or by sending us a mail at 📧 sales@customboxmakers.com.

Frequently Asked Question

Why do I need to have Kraft bakery boxes for my brand?

With custom Kraft bakery boxes, you will be able to attract buyers to make a purchase of your product. Don’t forget to add die-cut windows to your packaging!

Is my Kraft box is made of eco-friendly packaging material?

As its name states, the boxes that we will create will be tailor-made of Kraft paper that is originated from nature. And it is eco-friendly to your packaging solutions!

Can I have wholesale boxes?

Yes, we deal in manufacturing Kraft bakery boxes wholesale, so you can have affordable rates for your boxes. And not only this, with wholesale packaging solution, you will be able to get some of the services for free as well!