Here Is How You Can Make Your Own Shipping Boxes


Packaging made from corrugated fiberboard is known as a shipping box. The tape binds the top and bottom that flaps in these boxes. Another name used for these boxes is the cardboard box. And also, they are easy to assemble. So, this is its most helpful thing. When the box is being produced, the two sides of the box join together. These boxes are sent in a flat form to take less space. Such packaging usually comes along with bulk-sized products. Heavy products can include large home gadgets. The features of custom-printed boxes are unique. Packaging created with them has an innovative look. They appeal to the clients more. Containers made to order have also stepped into the shipping sector now.

The durable shipping cartons guard your items during transit. In the course of making these boxes, a large sum of materials goes waste. As a result of this, custom-made cartons are there to serve in perfect sizes. They not only fit the item but also avoid creating liter.  Moreover, a larger box does not require filler material to fill it. The perfect measurement of size saves shipment space as well. Also, it reduces the weight too. Large-scale businesses often make use of custom shipping boxes to maintain quality. The process may need more time but yields satisfactory results. Check out these tips for making your boxes for shipping.   

Material Selection

Making a box for shipping begins with choosing a quality material. The nature of your item defines the material you should use. These boxes mainly consist of cardboard, which is one of the most common types of packaging. Cardboard packaging boxes are stable and secure due to their wood pulp base. The items are supported very well by it. Good material choice serves against force, dampness, and other harmful factors. For fragile items like glass, it is possible to turn simple materials into robust types to give an ideal base.

Corrugate sheets serve as sturdy and solid containers. A corrugated cardboard sheet consists of two straight sheets between two fluted sheets. As a result, it becomes thicker and better for shipping purposes. Clients can choose from double or triple wall options. The cartons made of corrugate material offer the best safety to fragile items while transiting. 

Defining the Dimensions

Creating custom cartons for shipping begins with this step. If you are using a carton, you should confirm that the size is correct. There is no doubt that you must have as much knowledge about your product as you can. So, it is your goal to create a perfect-fitting box. Take a measurement of the product’s length, width, and height that is to be placed inside.

Your box for shipping will have these dimensions. The final dimensions should be rounded off by half an inch to one inch. Using this method will allow the worker to fit the item inside without any damage. Moreover, you can insert bubble wrap or filler material if you wish.

DIY, Professional, or Both? 

Designing the layout of the custom shipping cartons is the next step. Hence, you can go for two choices.


As the name implies, it is a do-it-yourself project. There are various online tools that you can use to help you during the designing phase of the project if you prefer to do it on your own. Sometimes taking a friend or relative’s advice is also helpful. 


Choosing a professional or doing it yourself is your choice. Your expert should know how to work with fonts, graphics, and many color schemes. The person who will be working on this kind of task should be familiar with the software used for this kind of work. An effective packaging design depends on all of these aspects. 

Add-On Options

There are two options available in this regard.


The printing on your shipping packaging can have a profound effect on its look. The printing on the box makes a custom shipping cartons different from a standard one. You can boost the look of your item by using mixed printing styles. In addition, unique patterns, graphics, and logos can add to the beauty of boxes with custom printing. Printing the product details is also possible. Shipping crates often use offset and digital techniques.

A Personal Touch

Various options for personalization are available other than printing. The use of colorful tapes, designed stickers, or labels serves the goal. They are very cheap and make these boxes more appealing. However, it is different in extra-large shipping cartons. It takes time for each one to be attached one by one. 

Custom Shipping Box Makers

Large-scale trades need a lot of boxes that are too made on order. Consequently, it is safe to work with these box suppliers. Custom boxes wholesale makers are present in the market. Affordably, their packaging can be customized. Contact a credible carton supplier. You will likely receive your order within a few days at your doorstep.

Addition of Filler Material

Lastly, the filler material is also an option to put inside the package. There are many different kinds of filler materials to choose from. Items such as these are cushioned for support, bubble wrappers, and packing peanuts. Not only do they enrich the shield of the box, but they also make opening it less of a challenge. Also, fill the box as needed by the product. Close the box after that. And, you are ready to ship your box.

Custom Shipping Packages Offer Benefits

Below are some key benefits of using these shipping cartons.

Branding Aims 

Brand growth should be the focus of all businesses. The brand of your company is what makes it different from others. The boxes for shipping help in achieving brand aims. Customers often reuse boxes, increasing a brand’s reach.  

Appearance of Professionalism

Your company appears more credible if you use these shipping cartons. You will have a greater chance of getting your customers to return to your store if you do this.

A Simple Method for Storing and Shipping

Unusual-sized shipping boxes take up more space than they need to. For maximum storage efficiency, these shipping cartons can stack easily. 

Efficiency In Terms Of Costs

Using shipping packaging for your items means perfect sizing. As a result, extra material costs fall, resulting in cost efficiency. It will save you from having to pay for excess packaging this way.

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