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Game Boxes

If you want to attract game lovers, beautiful custom game boxes are the thing for you. It is the best way to have been a way to attract customers in the United States of America. Nowadays, it is the only way to attract customers. Game packaging is the only part of the game that is visible when browsing a shelf of video games. Think back to your last shopping trip: how many times did you put a game back on the shelf because it had ugly packaging? Probably more than once, right? By putting so much pressure on game box design, we have created an environment where these boxes are often almost as valuable as the video games inside them. A premium game box will be sold for more than its actual worth as collectors clamor to get their hands on historically significant and visually stunning entertainment pieces. These cardboard boxes also serve another purpose: After you’ve played a game and are getting rid of all your physical copies, your premium box will help you resell all your other copies for maximum value. That’s why we make boxes to take advantage of these new realities in the market. So if you want us to make something beautiful for your games. We specialize in creating beautifully crafted game boxes perfect for a new release or a classic favorite. We’ll work with you to make the ideal box your game deserves.



Thinking About Launching a New Game

PlayStation gaming has been a hot topic in the world of video games. What started as a cult favorite amongst gamers has become a worldwide sensation. With the latest Call of Duty and FIFA games out in their custom game boxes, it’s easy to see why PlayStation is such a massive hit with gamers. Looking to release a brand new game, kick start your business with custom game boxes. To excite customers, you can add breathtaking style and gaming characters to the packaging boxes.

These boxes are a complete package because they not only give a fantastic outside presentation but also save valuable gaming products from harm. Add innovative text and instructions to use the game.

Eye-catching and Flashy Custom Game Boxes

The game packaging box is a simple yet elegant and functional design. The box’s colors are bright and vibrant, and the graphics on the package are eye-catching. The typeface used for the game boxes is clean, easy to read, and creative enough to catch your attention. One of a gamer’s favorite things about this packaging design is that it uses various colors for specific games. The different colors represent different game bundles.

The bright and colorful packaging makes it easy to find a game that fits your interests. For example, the FIFA-themed box’s dynamic blue background and energetic soccer player show that this package contains just what any football fan needs.

Meanwhile, the GTA-themed box uses a shadowy night skyline with an eye-catching green background to let you know that this is the way to go if you want to be immersed in the underworld of crime and excitement.

And for those with a head for strategy, the Call of Duty-themed packaging showcases a soldier from the popular video game series with his weapon ready, so you’ll know exactly what kind of FPS action you’ll get when you open this box up.

You can change the texture of the boxes with the power of customization. The creative design and illustrations would make your products more attractive to the customers. In any gaming store, the customers would flock together to have a look at your game because of its innovative packaging. The idea of custom boxes is to attract people to look at what is inside the box.

Develop Unique Features for Your Game Boxes

The theme makes game packaging boxes for each game. These bard game boxes are coated in high-quality shiny inks and feature a holographic look.

The first game to have this kind of packaging was “Game of Thrones.” The box has a medieval vibe, represented by the gold-foil stamping, etched and embossed details, and spot varnishing on the front.

The back is decorated with matte embossments, blind embossments, and spot varnishing to create a 3D effect. The second game released with this kind of packaging was “Mad Max.” This box has a gritty desert vibe and is decorated with brown embossments and a sand-textured finish.

The boxes are excellent for conveying the game’s theme or movie to the buyer. The packaging is multilayered, with cardboard as the base, then shiny inks and designs on top. The appeal of the packaging is a significant factor in whether or not customers will choose to purchase a product.

Eye Catchy Design for Customer Retention

The game packaging designs help board game boxes stand out on store shelves among other games, especially by offering unique box designs that may appeal to players’ interests in different areas and the game itself.

For example, the company’s specialized “pop-up” box design creates a 3D effect with a fold-out section that makes one of the game’s characters pop off the cover. This type of design has been used for major releases, including one for the popular action series Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Other board game boxes include retail packaging designs and glow-in-the-dark game boxes to catch customers’ eyes as they walk through stores or browse online catalogs and websites. The packaging also has compartments that contain games and movies, making it convenient for customers to buy and store their purchases at home.

Different Sizes to Accommodate All Sorts of Game Types

The packaging for the PlayStation or Xbox game console is sold in various sizes, depending on how many CDs are included inside the package. The smallest box can be used, the PS4 game box, which can hold two CDs and one controller.

The medium-sized box, which is about twice as tall, can hold up to four CDs and two controllers. Finally, a giant box, which is almost as tall as it is wide, has space for five CDs and three controllers.

This larger size also allows for more protective packaging around the product. And has room for both slim line and fat versions of the consoles. You can even order a box with some odd size or totally new style that no one has yet adopted.

Shape Your Boxes According to the Game

When you look at the packaging of video games, you’re likely to see three shapes: square, rectangle, and round. Each has a distinct purpose.

Square boxes are best for games that have mostly shooting and fighting or strategy. These titles aren’t often aimed at children, but they can still be family-friendly. Square boxes are also useful for games heavily reliant on a single-player campaign mode.

Rectangle boxes are ideal for games with racing or role-playing elements and some shooting and fighting. Finally, the circular box is typically suitable for games with vital narrative elements. This includes titles such as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Final Fantasy XV.

All these boxes feature cut-out places for items like the disc case and a manual so that customers can easily remove these items without damaging any part of the packaging.

Color and Shade Variation with Great Psychological Impact

The colors of custom game boxes are a crucial part of the gaming experience. These colors can tell you much about what’s inside and how it will make you feel.

The games in a red box are often fast-paced and immersive, with tight controls and plenty of action. These games will keep your heart pounding for hours as you fight for your life against an army of zombies or race to save the galaxy from the evil empire. Red is also a trendy color in marketing, which makes sense: it gets your attention. It’s also bold, which makes it eye-catching and memorable.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a little more subtle, you might take an interest in a game that comes in blue packaging. Blue can be calming and soothing. It’s because it has feelings of peace and tranquility.

Interactive Game Boxes Styles to Suit Any Need

The standard box is the most common type. It has a simple design with one giant image of the game’s main character. And they stack easily on shelves or inside cabinets. The color schemes are not varied, but they are rich and pleasing to look at. This style is also the lightest; you can handle it without straining yourself. These boxes have proven to be very popular among younger gamers because they look cute and are easy to stack on top of each other.

The second type of box is squarer and features a window on one or both sides to show off the game’s cover art. These are primarily famous with PlayStation 5 releases.

Some boxes have handles. The handles give gamers easy mobility when transporting their game systems to friends’ houses for gaming parties or social gatherings.

Commitment to Providing Outstanding Service

Custom Box Makers specializes in creating custom game boxes for your PlayStation XBOX and PC games. We have years of experience making boxes for game manufacturers that look great on display while protecting the contents inside. Our packages are made to order. So you can choose the perfect size and shape for your product. Then imprint it with your logo or other artwork. You can even select the box color, so it matches your theme perfectly.

We have got something special for game developers looking to add something special to their next release. We also cover retailers who want an eye-catching display box to sell some new titles in your store.

Why Choose Us for Game Packaging Boxes

CBM works with the most prestigious game companies to develop and manufacture boxes for their newest releases, creating custom graphics and lettering for your game or product and creating storage solutions and other packaging components that match your vision.

Fantastic Printing

As a custom game box manufacturer, we offer many different printing options. With our large selection of game box templates, you’re sure to find a design that fits your game. We can also create new strategies if you don’t see something in-line with your vision. So contact us now and get your special box in a professional printing style.

Steadfast Manufacturing Timeline

We design and build boxes quickly. The time frame for your project is usually 1 to 2 weeks depending on your quantity and deadlines. In addition, our modern printers can deliver quality prints with reasonable prices and prompt delivery options.

Free Transportation/Shipment

Get free shipment with printing order at CBM. We are a professional box printing company with 10+ years of experience. We ship custom game boxes to clients in the USA, UK, and Australia. Let us print your work and ship it out to you with our fast turnaround service with no additional charges.

24/7 Customer Support

CBM offers custom box printing and manufacturing services at competitive prices. With our skilled, trained personnel and state-of-the-art machines, we create custom printed and plain game boxes for single unit orders and large quantities. We are available 24/7 to help you with your custom packaging boxes, which includes creating new ones or modifying existing ones. In addition, our online chat and support ticketing services are available to you round the clock.

Frequently Asked Question

What are custom game boxes?

Custom game boxes are, as the name implies, boxes that are custom-made and custom-printed to fit the needs of a specific game. The basic concept is that you buy the game box from a supplier, who will customize it with your logo or design. They will usually make it water-resistant and crush-proof, as well.

Do you make boxes for all sorts of games?

Yes, we make boxes for all sorts of games. In fact, we’ve made thousands of boxes for all sorts of games over the years. We make full-size cardboard boxes that safely ship board games and cd games. And we also make smaller cardboard boxes that are designed to ship card games like Magic: The Gathering and Yugioh.

Can I order a bespoke packaging for Playstation bundles?

Yes, you can order a bespoke packaging for Playstation bundles. Our custom boxes are designed to protect the console and its accessories and are printed with a variety of designs.

Are your boxes ideal for shipping?

Yes, our game boxes are ideal and strong for shipping. We use quality, rigid cardboard with 200lb test strength. Our boxes are made to be durable and long-lasting, so your products arrive safe and sound every time.

Can you make boxes for board games?

Yes, we can make cardboard boxes for board games of all sorts. Everything from heavy strategy games like Catan and Carcassonne to light party games like Cards Against Humanity to classics like Monopoly. We’ve even made boxes for the classic board game Candy Land.

We make boxes for board games that are durable and professional, with a variety of options to meet your needs. Our cardboard is thick, so even the most enthusiastic gamers can’t do any damage to their box. We have a variety of shapes and sizes for any kind of game you’re looking to store or ship. We specialize in making boxes for board games, with an emphasis on high-quality materials, eco-friendly manufacturing, and only the best customer service.