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French Fry Bags

We have all the essential aspects under a single roof if you are looking for high-quality french fry bags. From design to the stock selection, you would not have to run here and there. Our team has all the expertise necessary to furnish you with top-quality bags for french fries and other such products. No matter the type of fries you serve, our fry bags are an ideal packaging solution to keep them fresh, safe, and delicious until you’re ready to serve them up in your restaurant or buffet line. We use eco-friendly stuff to produce them. Moreover, all our packaging stuff is made of food-grade material. Our bags have many benefits that make them an excellent choice, including the following reasons. After you study the following attributes, you will decide why you should use our bags for your next fry sale or catering event.



Like other packaging stuff, these french fry bags are used to secure and carry french fries. When we talk about fries, these are not just limited to potato items, but also many accessories like mayonnaise, ketchup, etc., related to them. Not only are our bags made of thick, high-quality material, but they are also double-stitched at the seams for extra durability. Therefore, you can reuse them multiple times without worrying about tearing or falling apart. In addition, these sturdy bags can be used to pack other items besides fries like sweet potato fries and fresh corn on the cob!

Long Lasting and Resistant French Fries Bags

Today custom boxes would not click your mind if it is not versatile. For example, all of our french fry bags are safe, which makes it easy to store your products in bulk before cooking them. That makes them a perfect choice for vendors and end users. This means your fries will stay nice and crispy, even if they get wet. The bags also help keep all the oil in the bag.

With so many accidents happening in the kitchen, these paper french fry bags offer protection against things like hot oil spilling out onto you. In addition, they’re very durable and can be used again without worrying about getting dirty or tearing.

French Fry Bags with No Spoilage or Mess

When you use our packaging for your french fries, they’ll stay fresher for longer. That’s because our material is designed to keep oxygen and moisture out while still allowing the food to breathe. This means your fries will be just as crispy and delicious when you serve them, even if they’ve been sitting in the bag for a while.

Using our paper french fry bags doesn’t have to worry about spillage or mess. The bag is designed to keep everything contained so you can enjoy your meal without the hassle. You’ll be able to relax and not spend time cleaning messes because we’ve done it for you!

One of the reasons our fry bags are great is that they’re easy to open. There’s no need for scissors or knives. Instead, you tear off a corner of the bag, and it will open wide enough for you to get your fries out quickly!

Why Choose CBM for Paper French Fries Bags

As we have discussed earlier, there are many plus points of our French fry boxes at wholesale. Some we have discussed above, and the others are as follows:

Green Packaging

They are made of recycled materials and are 100% biodegradable. This means that these french fries bags will not sit in a landfill for centuries, taking up valuable space.

 Easy to Store

You can store these bags conveniently and use them when you like. Their material is sturdy enough to stay stiff during storage. You can also easily stack them over each other.

Easy to Use and Reheat Food

One of the best things about our french fry bags is that they make it easy to reheat your food. No more cold, soggy fries! Just pop them in the microwave for a few minutes, and you’re good to go.

Great Price and Value!

Our french fry bags are an incredible value for your money. You won’t find a better price for such a high-quality product. Only our products have the best features: They’re strong, thick, and durable!