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Favor Boxes

Custom favor boxes are a trendsetter these days. Those days are gone when you had to worry about the gift wrapping stuff. Now you can easily order gift boxes of your choice, and with a simple bow or a ribbon, you can get your work done. You can use them at charity functions, wedding or birthday parties, community gatherings, and some other memorable events. You can have these boxes customized according to your need, and requirement, however, you want them to be, depending on the nature of the event. CUSTOM BOX MAKERS is a well-known production house for all kinds of custom packaging boxes. We offer a variety of custom gift boxes that are available in different shapes and sizes. You no longer need to pack your gifts in regular ordinary boxes, instead try something new from our store, and give your package an exciting look. To enhance the product’s outlook or to make it more attractive, you can even get theme based boxes. They are available in unique designs and models. In short, whatever you need, you can find it here. So go for it, they are just a click away.



Custom Favor Boxes – The New Innovative Way of Packaging

Custom favor boxes are used for packaging different kinds of gifts and they are available in a huge variety. They can be found in every size and shape. The options of add-ons that can be attached to these boxes are unlimited.

It is all about choosing the perfect choice for the occasion. It is vital that you choose a great gift but the packaging has to play important in making the experience memorable. It isn’t necessary that you have to use these special boxes for gifts you can use them for your products.

You may have seen similar boxes being used in famous bakeries for delivery. It is all related to researching your target market and seeing what would connect with them. Innovative packaging solution makes any product look way attractive.

The other difference is that the packaging is unique as compared to the usual brown box packaging. This would make your product stand out in the market. The customers would notice your brand in any market and this would definitely improve your sales and revenue.

In today’s market, you have to provide attention-grabbing stuff and the custom favor boxes make it easier for you.

Custom Printed Favor Boxes – Your Design Makes It to the Market

Custom printed favor boxes are the boxes that are created according to the requirements of the clients from size to design. Each and everything about these boxes can be customized. These boxes can be created for any kind of box because you have the freedom to choose all the details and specifications.

You can customize the packaging according to your product. It doesn’t end here as you can put your logo on the box or any kind of information you want to tell your customers. It is all about making the best packaging solution in the market and the customization gives you a great chance at it.

You can change the color scheme avoiding the usual packaging choice of brown boxes. The material can be changed according to the requirement as well. You may choose cardboard material, corrugated material, linen material, or rigid material for the packaging.

Apart from ensuring safety for the product’s quality, it is essential that it looks attractive in your chosen material and design.

Innovatively Design Custom Favor Boxes for Your Business

Getting an innovatively designed packaging solution is rare in itself but what if you are able to design your packaging yourself? You don’t have to look for a designer who would help you out in the process or you don’t have to research for a unique design as we would do it for you.

All you need to do is to share your idea and we would do the rest. We will transform your dreams into reality and facilitate you with the best services in the market. The quality of the stuff we provide and the price at which we offer it is unmatchable in the market.

We only use top quality material in our products and our team is highly qualified as well. We make sure that our services are top-notch and you can feel the dedication when you get your order.

The Process of Fulfilling Your Custom Favor Boxes Order

  • You tell us about your requirements and your products.
  • We give you a quote after analyzing the requirements for your custom printed favor boxes.
  • Once the price is agreed upon, we move toward the design process.
  • Either we assist you to design the packaging solution or we use the provided design.
  • Your order is delivered to your address within 8 to 10 business days.
  • We don’t charge you any shipping cost as we care for our customers.

Apart from the shipping fee, the design assistance is also free of cost. These are the services that you would seldom find free of cost in the market. You can compare our prices with the other manufacturers and you would find our rates cheaper even after providing you with many facilities free of charge.

Fair Price and Multiple Custom Favor Boxes Wholesale Packages

There are hundreds of add-ons you can include with the custom favor boxes in order to make them more attractive. These add-ons could include handles, gold/silver foiling, any specific coating, etc.

The decision is yours and we will facilitate you in every way. Our eco-friendly solutions make sure that we don’t create anything that is harmful to our planet. We give you a chance to save your money by choosing any one of the custom favor boxes wholesale packages.

These packages are created for customers who want to make a big order and still save money. Our customer support representatives can further guide you about these packages once you tell them about all the requirements. So how about creating a name for your brand in the market?