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Eyelash Boxes

Eyelash packaging has become essential to package eyelashes attractively. With time passing, eyelashes have become an essential factor in cosmetic products. It seems that no make-up kit is complete without them. If you have a business running cosmetic products, then it is compulsory for you to have stunning packaging for your products! We at Custom Box Makers specialize in making custom eyelash boxes to attract your customers! Not only with our experts you can have your boxes in customized shapes and sizes, but you can also customize their design and color as well! No matter what you need, whether you need an elegant appearance or a unique look at a market, our experts can assist you! Moreover, with our DIY policy, you are eligible to create your own design for your custom-made lash boxes. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about anything as our designers will assist you with the best. And if you don’t have anything unique in your mind. Our experts will let you choose from the templates they have to let you stay up-to-date in the market! So what’s all with the wait? Get your instant quote by mailing us at 📧 or call us at 📞 +1(844)-269-3730.



Custom Eyelash Boxes & Packaging:

What does every cosmetic brand have in common? It’s the stunning custom packaging that they use for their products! Whether they want to pack their lip glosses or eyelashes, they will need to have something ravishing or out of this world in order to amaze their buyers! We at Custom Box Makers can make your eyelash boxes as per your requirement. We are able to help you with any requirements you may have, whether it’s a unique design or a custom-made size and shape! All you have to do is to tell us what you need and see the magic happens for you! Our customization process is not as complicated as it seems! Using some exquisite printing techniques, we transform your packaging into something truly unique! Our customization process consists of:

  • Selecting Raw Material
  • Size and Shape
  • Unique Visual

Selecting the appropriate raw material for your eyelash packaging:

We take customization of your product’s packaging quite seriously! Therefore, we let you choose your raw material! We have multiple options from which you can select to have your custom eyelash packaging boxes, such as cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated. But to have eyelash containers, we prefer you to have cardboard. In addition to being inexpensive, these materials are durable and able to withstand various customization processes. Therefore, having cardboard boxes for your eyelashes would be a perfect choice for you!

Size and shape:

The most important thing on which the quality of your product relies is its packaging size and shape! In order to make sure that your product stays intact, you have to consider having an appropriate size for your box so your product can easily fit in! And other than that, to have a unique appearance in the market, you can also customize your box shapes! By having a perfect size and unique shapes for your eyelash packaging, you surely will attract many buyers to make a purchase of your product!

Unique Visuals:

What attracts a customer to make a purchase of your product? It’s the packaging you give them! No one will opt to buy a product with a bland brown color! So, you have to make sure that you have something unique to offer! Perhaps, some custom designs? Our graphic designers can assist you with having a unique visual on your eyelash packaging boxes. But having a visual design, you have to put a lot of thought into them! For instance, you have to make sure whose your target audience is? Mostly the buyer of cosmetic products is teenage girls and women! Therefore, you have to make sure that you make a custom design that can help you to get the attraction from your buyers in the market!

Need wholesale eyelash packaging?

If you are in a need of having eyelash box packaging in bulk quantity, then worry not! As we at Custom Box Makers also deal in having custom eyelash packaging wholesale! Meaning you can have your boxes at a lower rate if you opt to have them in bulk quantity. And not only this, but we can also give you some of the services for free if you are up to placing an order of 300 plus boxes! So why wait? Contact us now by mailing us at 📧!

Advertise your brand by using custom packaging:

By having eye-catching packaging, you will definitely attract more buyers to the market! Hence, this is because we at Custom Box Makers can help you to have a unique design and look for your cosmetic boxes. So that you can stand out from everyone else! With our experts, your blatant brands will be seen and appreciated by everyone in the market! And by having such a unique visual, you can surely gain more sales from your customers!

Eco-friendly packaging solutions:

With the conscious drive by consumers to purchase products that are eco-friendly, you have to consider that every time you use eyelash box packaging for your marketing campaign, it will be used again and again! As a result, having such beautiful packaging is not just wasteful, but it will also cost you a lot as well. Therefore, we at Custom Box Makers can help you with finding an eco-friendly packaging solution.

Our competitive Edge:

At Custom Box Makers, we have been in this industry for a long time now! This is because we are perfectionists in what we do! And as a result of this, you will definitely see our products offering you the best quality and at the lowest rates! There are lots of companies out there that claim they can offer what we do at the same price by not being as qualified as us! So why not give them a try?

Get your quotes today:

If you wish to get your customized boxes with our services at the lowest rates possible, then you should contact us now by mailing us at 📧

Our exceptional services set us apart from others:

Turnaround time:

We highly understand your business needs for which we make sure to ship custom boxes in eight to ten days. And moreover, our shipping is free when you go for wholesale packaging solutions, which means no extra shipping charges will be incurred in your packaging. As shipping will be on us!

No minimum order quantity:

We don’t have a minimum order quantity policy. Just tell us what are your requirements, and we will make your eyelash box packaging for you in no time! So why wait? Get in touch with us by hitting up our chat support!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are eyelash boxes?

Eyelash boxes are a product that consists of a package in which each package contains eyelashes! These eyelashes are usually used by the company to promote their product or by using them as an incentive for their clients.

Eyelash boxes are an excellent idea for the marketing of your product! However, you can’t just provide a plain cardboard box with no design to promote your product. Because once people get bored, they will move to the next best thing. And as a result, you’ll lose sales! To avoid this from happening, you have to consider designing your boxes in advance so that they can get customized and stay relevant in the market!

What are the benefits of using an eyelash box?

There are many benefits that an eyelash box can offer to you! First, using this box, your product is technically protected from any damage and damage. Second, you can also use this box to promote your business. Because with an eye-catching design, people will start to recognize you and your brand instantly. So when it comes down to using an eyelash box for marketing and protection, it’s really a win-win situation for you!