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Collapsible Rigid Boxes

Many industries broadly consume the custom rigid foldable boxes, ranging from apparel and fashion sector to fragrance, beauty care products, and gems. This structure of luxury packaging is fit for both large and small businesses and is versatile enough to meet practically any budget or design. Also, advantages and adaptability of custom printed foldable boxes include security compared to other folding cartons, easy to deal with, stock showcase potential, recyclable, and their capacity to be shrouded in numerous surfaces, including papers, fabrics, or leather. The CBM are well known for making custom printed rigid foldable boxes. You can get these custom boxes in different shapes, formats, and sizes as per your requirement. Such as utilizing pivots, compartments, stages, with included features, for example, windows, strip pulls, and attractive closure. Versatility makes these boxes one of the most famous custom packaging we manufacture. The perfect die-cut and customized rigid foldable boxes with logo help to add a remarkable value to your business brand. The best thing is that these boxes are collapsible and you can mold them into different forms as per the product’s nature.



The elegance of stylish collapsible rigid boxes

The packaging industry is moving towards compactness. There is more demand for unique ideas in the industry. Since the inception of the new product line in the factories, there has been a demand for more packaging styles.

This is not only for the better advertisement of the product but also for the cost-effectiveness. The increased cost of packaging increases the cost of production, which ultimately results in lower profits.

There has been a lot of work going on to meet this new challenge. The modern-day style that has got much popularity is the use of collapsible rigid boxes.

Custom Box Maker provides the facility of making these boxes, in multiple sizes and shapes to its clients, in a highly professional way.

These boxes are being used by many industries, and most of them are used in the retail sector. One can find these boxes in bakeries and other food chain outlets. They are used for packing different products such as cakes and pizzas.

They are initially in a flat sheet, on which different cuts have been made through the use of dies and punches, for usage they transform into box shapes by folding along the cut lines. They are being transported in large amounts from manufacturing units to shops where there are being transformed for final use.

Not only in the food sector but they are also being used in many other products such as packing cosmetics products and other related kinds of stuff. Almost all boxes are initially in flat shapes. The cut is provided on them according to the final shape to be made.

Procedure for making the box from a raw cut sheet

The mechanism for making the box is effortless, it does not involve any rocket science, yet the right sequence of steps should be followed. Otherwise, it will be distorted. Rigid collapsible boxes, while in the pre-assembled phase, contain a lid and box contained in a single sheet.

For transforming it into the final shape, it must be behold from the lid or cover. The wall should be pulled outwards. The box will get its desired shape when flaps are attached to the front walls.

These flaps will interlock, keeping the box in its shape, for the exact shape to gain, this procedure must be done efficiently. These boxes do not contain components separately; instead, all things are present in a single unit.

The option of customization is present

The versatility of any product makes it very useful and famous, and the same with these boxes. They are not restricted to any particular shape such as the rectangular-shaped boxes for pizzas or sweat, many other options are also available depending upon the requirement of the products.

For making the complex shape, there must be strong brain-storming that is required to transform the ideas into reality. To achieve this, Custom Box Maker provides its clients with this facility; they just have to tell us about their product.

Our team will find out the most probable solution. This customization is not restricted to shapes only. Many printing options can be possible, from simple text printing to more detailed picturing on these boxes. All options are available.

Why do customers prefer custom collapsible rigid boxes?

Custom, collapsible rigid boxes are very trending nowadays. There are many orders for them. The most important reason is the user-friendly nature of these boxes, they can be placed in large numbers very effectively, and they do not consume much space for storage.

These boxes can be used for packing a wide range of products, from food items to non-food items, all options are possible.

Many materials can be used for making these boxes, just like any other design, the most widely used material is cardboard, but other options can also be availed. These other options may include chipboard material or corrugated material.

These boxes can be made with an additional layer of lamination not to get stained or get dirty. This lamination increases the cost but magnifies the beauty many times, which justifies the price hike. These special finished boxes are mostly used for luxury items such as for wrapping gifts, like boxes of watches, perfumes, and sometimes premium quality cosmetics products.

One thing that must keep in mind is that these boxes are ideal for packing small products; the strength is significantly compromised if sizes increase the set amount.

Custom Box Maker is providing its customers with quality boxes available in large sizes and shapes in all numbers. The efficiency of our boxes is not comparable with any manufacturer as our dies are equipped with modern technology and are highly efficient.