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Chinese Food Boxes

CBM has been offering credible Chinese food boxes for a long time and has proved itself the number one in fulfilling the necessities of the clients in all possible ways. The rich cultural ancestry of Chinese people is astonishing. The bright and colorful festivals, the magnificent calligraphic patterns, and the old traditions, all of these are reflected in the custom chinese food boxes. Hence, a plus point from the promotional perspective as well. We offer a wide range of custom shapes and sizes for you to select. You will be the one deciding all the dimensions. Chinese food is one of the most famous cuisines all around the world because of its superb taste. If you are an owner of a Chinese restaurant, order these exceptionally designed Chinese takeout boxes, to stand out in the crowd. Novelty and uniqueness are something that will give a boost to your business. Delight your customers with alluring packaging, and make sure they do not go anywhere else, make them your regular customers through packaging.



Chinese Food Boxes to Keep Your Food Fresh and Delicious

Chinese food has taken over the world by storm in the 21st century. Today everyone is busy and that is one of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of Chinese food. Not only it is easier to digest but it can be cooked pretty quickly.

For example, you can make noodles within a few minutes and you won’t need of having a meal for a while. Even the snacks are quite healthy and hundreds of thousands of food vendors deliver the food to customers every day.

Now when you are delivering the food you do need a box for it. Well, the boxes used for delivering Chines food are known as Chinese food boxes. These boxes are made with the purpose of keeping health hazards away.

The material used in manufacturing has to be safe for humans and it shouldn’t be harmful even if the customers heat it in the oven. Basically, the material of the boxes shouldn’t release any toxins or chemicals during or after the delivery.

Custom Chinese Boxes to Up Your Packaging Game

Custom Chinese boxes can really pick up the game for you in the market. Most of people are just delivering their food products in normal white or brown boxes that are not relevant to their brand.

The customers get the order and even if they loved the taste they forget where they ordered from. You can change it for your brand. You can add your name and logo on the boxes and design different boxes for different dishes.

It is all about making an extra effort because the customers do recognize the service or product provider that is working hard to make them feel nicer. Nowadays, food is not just about fulfilling the craving but people tend to share their meals on social media.

They tag the food vendors and openly talk about the taste and the packaging. If you choose custom Chines food boxes you would definitely be getting into the list of favorite food vendors for customers who like to have attention to detail.

Chinese Food Packaging to Give a Fresh Look To Your Brand

Chinese food packaging doesn’t have to be dull and boring anymore. You can add colors, styles, designs, and various add-ons to the boxes. You can add handles so people can easily carry the boxes from one place to another.

You can add windows so the customers are able to have a look at the delicious food even before opening the box. It is all about giving a unique appearance to your packaging. It would make your food products more popular among customers because quality packaging means the food remains fresh and retains its original taste. These are the two most important factors for any food lover and food vendor.

These boxes are designed in a specific way with premium quality material. You can even choose the style of boxes that you can assemble yourself. It is all about freedom and the power of experimentation.

You can choose different kinds of boxes and see which one performs the best. Our rates are so fair that working with us wouldn’t take a small percentage of your investment but it would return a lot more ROI.

Chinese Food Boxes Wholesale Packages Available for You

Chinese food boxes wholesale rates are available for customers who want to order in large quantities. The discounted rates would apply to every box in the order and there wouldn’t be any compromise on quality.

Our customers are our highest priority for us no matter the circumstances. Even if you order 100,000 boxes or just 100 boxes we would try our best to give you an elite-quality product that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the market.

We promise to deliver your order anywhere in the USA without any shipping charges. We will help you design your custom Chinese food boxes and you won’t be charged even a penny for the design assistance.

Our customer support representatives are active 24/7 and they are ready to help you out in every possible way. You just have to connect with us and we will design a perfect packaging solution for you.


It is not about just selecting any packaging solution because the packaging is representing your company. You have to pay attention to every detail just like you take care of the taste of the food. It is a kind of branding that you are not even paying for with your marketing budget but it is quite effective.

Let’s connect and design a packaging solution that would help you make your mark in the market.