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Cardboard Boxes

Packaging is a critical aspect of the retail industry. And cardboard boxes have been a central part of this practice for a long time. It is so crucial that all major firms have their own packaging designers in-house. However, not every small business has this spree of extensive resources, so what can they do? This is where custom cardboard boxes enter the picture! Are you looking for the perfect solution for shipping your next order? Maybe you need something to store your bulk food in or protect your valuables. Whatever the use, cardboard packaging is a great option for your product. The best thing about them is that you can print almost anything you need on them, think of company logos, product branding, your phone number, and the list goes on. However, because there are so many uses of boxes for all kinds of businesses, it’s essential to make sure you don’t bring an ordinary product-packaging experience to your customers. Instead, you can make your packaging stand out by adding more value through customization. And this is only possible with CBM.



Define Your Brand’s Overall Purpose with Custom Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are great for brand recognition. Companies all over the world use them to sell, package, ship, and display their products. Therefore, if you want to bring attention to your products, you should be using them too.

Cardboard packaging boxes are now getting popular as they offer a blend of durability and cost-effectiveness. In addition, the fact that you can customize them to your specific needs adds to their appeal. So if you’re looking to make an impression with your product packaging, personalized boxes might be the way to go.

Custom cardboard packaging by CBM gives your product the extra protection they need. While at the same time maintaining a clean, professional look. So let’s start customizing almost instantly.

Just pick a template or opt for a blank option and fill in any text, logos, or codes you’d like to show on the packaging. Then, choose a material we have really affordable corrugated cardboard options and see exactly how your design will look before you order. For just a few dollars more, you can add handles, dividers, and windows as well.

Cardboard Boxes with Logos Enhance the Appeal of Your Brand

Our boxes are an excellent promotional item that businesses can easily benefit from. They are easy to replace, lightweight for low shipping costs, and available in bulk. Additionally, with our boxes, you are guaranteed brand visibility – all thanks to logo printing on any side of the box. Therefore, you can consider these boxes one of the best mediums to inject your brand into potential clients.

Are you looking for a way to package your product in a custom cardboard box with your company logo? Then look no further! we have all the packaging supplies you could ever want.

A marketer’s dream is to get a customer to remember their product and quickly think about the product when they see it. Custom cardboard boxes with logo/branding are the perfect marketing tool that can help achieve that dream.

Our Boxes For All Types of Products & Industries

You’re a businessman, and you want to sell your products. Therefore, Your product packaging should present a professional and concise image to your clients.

Of course, the container (packaging box) itself must be sturdy enough to protect your product from scratches or other damage during delivery.

So with these factors in mind, you will need custom packaging boxes where every aspect, from the graphics to the material itself, can be tailored to promote your brand and business.

CBM has a wide range of durable and reusable boxes that protect your valuable products during shipping and storage. Our custom cardboard boxes at wholesale are a great choice for firms looking to save both time and money.

Therefore, whether you’re an individual store owner or a giant corporation, our product packaging boxes will match your needs perfectly!

Cardboard Gift Boxes: The Art of Corporate Gift Giving

If you are looking for a thrifty yet fit way to pack and ship your products, look no further than custom cardboard gift boxes. These boxes are available in many different sizes to suit your specific needs. With so many different options available, you can easily customize your packing box to meet your individual needs and make a heart-touching impression on the gift recipient.

CBM grants its customers the entire independence to decorate and personalize their cardboard gift boxes with their company names and logos. Therefore, whether you’re gifting books, photos, watches, chocolate, or toys. We can provide you with the perfect box that will fit any of your items.

Our Boxes In All Sizes & Designs

Do you need custom cardboard boxes at wholesale price in any size or shape? Or looking for a quality custom box that will protect the contents inside? CBM specializes in delivering top-quality packaging boxes to meet your standard and requirements. We can design a custom box from original artwork, corporate logo, or even from a photograph.

So call our customer service hotline to place your order for boxes today. This is because our customized boxes are the perfect way to package larger products or products with a heavy weight. In addition, our specialty design services can help you create a box for almost any sized product.

Get the boxes you want with the features you need. From heavy-duty Cardboard Boxes to Folding Cartons, our boxes are perfect for moving, shipping, storing your stuff, or using retail packaging.

We Print Simple White Cardboard Customized Boxes

White cardboard boxes are the perfect packaging solution for various industries. At CBM, we make aesthetically pleasing boxes and packaging. They are very sturdy and can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. The boxes are perfect for packaging anything from coffee to hardware due to their neutral aesthetics and low price.

What makes our white boxes a suitable fit for your business is that they are made from heavyweight white corrugated material. This means there is a maximum impact when marketing your company’s products. In addition, this material is particularly effective when used with dark printing processes, so you need only minimal text on the box.

As regards strength, these custom-printed white cardboard boxes come in both single and double wall designs. Thereby allowing for easy packing and unpacking. People will notice your logo, the low cost covers the marketing budget, and our super fast shipping service gets them delivered right when you need them.

Order Cardboard Boxes at a Wholesale Price

If you need boxes for shipping or display purposes, look no further. We’re offering all types of boxes for every occasion at a wholesale price. Our corrugated cardboard boxes are customize-able in size, style, color, and printing options. Our expert box maker will handle all your business packaging needs with fast turnaround times, large volumes, low minimums, free shipping, and 24/7 instant quote requests.

So choose from our standard boxes or create your own custom box from scratch with free custom printing options. And get the perfect container for the job. The customizable options allow you to choose your size, lid, and insert. Our value boxes come in various sizes and materials, and we can even design them with custom logos and graphics.

In addition, the no minimum orders and fast turnaround times make shipping easy on us and reasonably priced for you.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a custom cardboard box?

Custom cardboard boxes are produced on demand and can come in many shapes and sizes. They’re helpful for packaging products of all kinds and are commonly used by:

  • Distributors who want to offer retail packaging and thus want to customize the packaging for maximum customer appeal.
  • Manufacturers who wish to ship products to both retail distributors and their own warehouses.
  • Also, freight companies may use custom shipping boxes on some shipments.

What are the best features of custom cardboard packaging?

  • The custom-made boxes are specially made to meet your specific needs. In addition, there are heavy-duty cardboard boxes that are of good quality and can be decorated with your company’s logo.
  • There are endless box customization and decoration options like full-colour printing on the box’s exterior, UV coating of the surface, interior printing, offset printing or debossed printing on the lid. There is no limit to the decorating possibilities available to you.
  •  A high-quality printing option is available in these products that will allow you to print your company’s name or logo on them along with your product logo or title.
  • The boxes fold flat when they are not being used, so they occupy less space in storage rooms when they are not being used.
  • They can have handles, so they are easy to carry around when moving things from one place to another.

Where to get the best cardboard boxes with custom printing and manufacturing? supplies high-quality custom printed boxes with lower prices, customized to your individual needs and delivered directly to your door. With our no minimum order quantity, you can buy as much or as little as you need! Our online box ordering process makes it easy to create the perfect box for any occasion and will help you find exactly what you’re looking for in less time than it takes to drive to the store.

How can I place an order for a custom cardboard box?

Ordering your custom printed cardboard boxes online has never been easier:

  • Just visit and click on one of our categories.
  • Choose the size and quantity that suits your needs.
  • Then contact our 24/7 chat support team or call us at +1(844)-269-3730 to speak to a live graphic designer.
  • Once approved by you, our printing process will begin immediately after your order is placed.