Top Candle Packaging Ideas to Boost Your Sales & Inspiration

Top Candle Packaging Ideas to Boost Your Sales & Inspiration

A candle can lighten up an entire evening for your special ones. And candles are part of every event, whether a birthday party or a wedding ceremony. Thus, this brings us to how candles can be displayed with a competitive edge. So are you looking for interesting packaging ideas to wow your customers?  If so, […]

10+ Small Business Packaging Ideas To Make Businesses Prosperous

Top 10 Small Business Packaging Ideas To Make Your Business Prosperous

Have you decided to start a small business? If yes, this decision is best to earn a handsome income as a side business. Impressive packaging makes it possible to distinguish your brand from your competitors. Because your packaging is the first impression your customer will have of your product and brand, the packaging sector is […]

What are the Most Popular Types of Packaging Materials?

What are the Most Popular Types of Packaging Materials

These days everything comes in packaging. The relatively recent trend of customized packaging has created a lot of ease for the brands. They can make boxes for particular products according to the requirements of that product. Moreover, numerous custom packaging materials are available in the market from which the buyers may select. How to decide […]

Your Clear Cut Guide to eCommerce Packaging


When you’re in the market to begin an e-commerce organization, it can be straightforward to forget the importance of product packaging. From what product your custom boxes are constructed of to what kind of shipping carriers you choose to use. Your packaging options can have long-lasting impacts on your brand, so it is essential to […]

Mailer Boxes vs. Shipping Boxes – What’s the Difference?


It’s easy to assume that all shipping boxes are created equal. Still, anyone who’s ever shipped a high-value item knows that choosing the correct box can make a difference. It can either be between your package arriving safely or getting squashed and mangled along the way.  When shipping valuable items such as electronics or antiques, […]

What is UV Coating and Why Is It Important for Your Printing Venture?


UV coating may seem like just another type of print coating, but it is not. It can actually make your colors pop, improve the vibrancy of your photos, and give your packaging an attractive shine. Before you run off to your local printer to try it out, here is all the essential information that you […]

How Pizza Boxes Flourish Your Business?

How Pizza Boxes Flourish Your Business

Smartly designed pizza packaging possesses the potential of connecting your brand with customers and promoting repetitive sales. That is why brands prioritize using custom pizza boxes for marketing. These boxes prove a welcome addition for hungry souls. The feast these decorative pizza boxes present to the eyes establishes a different league of your brand. Pizza parlors such […]

Embossing Vs. Debossing: Which Technique is the Best Option?


That stands more than true for embossing vs. debossing. Are you confused about whether you should emboss or deboss? Here is a detailed guideline on all aspects. As with most things, each option has advantages and disadvantages, but it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve in the end. So before making a decision, […]

How to Jack up Your Business with Latest Cookie Packaging Ideas?

How to Jack up Your Business with Latest Cookie Packaging Ideas

Behind every successful business, there is some sort of idea. That stands more than true for the food and bakery packaging industry. One is always in need of innovative and out-of-the-box cookie packaging ideas. Even if you lack some there is no need to fret. Our today’s blog post is also on that topic. Here […]