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Archive Boxes

Are you searching for a compelling solution to clean up your untidy work environment? Need a convenient solution to categorize your valuable record documents? Or want to tidy up your disarranged office? Archive Boxes are the ideal answer to all these inquiries. At CUSTOM BOX MAKERS we make custom archive boxes from the scratch to suit your needs and guard all your documents. These custom boxes are helpful and easy to store. They provide an ideal storage solution for several of your things. The CUSTOM BOX MAKERS is a large-scale packaging organization, serving a large number of customers over the United States for some time duration. Sometimes there’s nothing more effective than a single look to put an everlasting impression on the customer’s mind. Therefore, a product’s custom packaging is not something to be taken for granted. You can redo the shape, color, structure, size as well as the finishing of the box. You can also select the manufacturing paper used in production. Because of its spacious nature, these boxes store numerous things and make your working environment more organized and perfect. The choices are endless, so get your phone and connect with our agents now. Make Your Products Stand Out In The Crowd!



Customized Archive Boxes to Save Your Important Files

Archive boxes are packaging boxes specifically created for keeping files, photos, folders, books, bills, and other relevant documents in offices and households. These boxes are extremely useful in multiple industries because it saves you from the documents clutter in any office.

You can just store your important documents in these boxes and easily move them around if you need to do so. You may have seen some of these boxes in any season or movie where they present the evidence room of any police station. The evidence of a particular case is usually placed in an archive box.

We offer customization for our clientele because we want to give you the freedom of choosing any size and shape of the box according to your needs. The custom archive boxes can be optimized according to your dynamic requirements.

The design options are unlimited so you can put your logo on the box, your tagline, and information about your company in the market. You can choose different shapes and dimensions of the boxes as well.

The color scheme can also be set according to your brand’s colors to support your branding strategies. Therefore, the old brown archive boxes have no longer to be there for your customers as you would be selling trendy and attractive ones from now onwards.

Give a Chance to Premium Quality Cardboard Archive Boxes

Archive boxes hold a lot of value because of the documents you store using them. The sentimental value of these boxes is vital as well if you are using them in household saving your old stuff. The quality of the material used in the production is directly proportional to the sturdiness of the product.

We create high-quality cardboard archive boxes that would not lead to any adverse effect of the external environment affecting your material. Your documents, photos, files, or bills could be kept in these boxes for a long while.

Even if you are moving them from one place to another you don’t have to worry about your stuff.

Eco-Friendly Archive Boxes at Affordable Rates

As a global resident, we have a responsibility towards the environment as well. There is a lot of industrial and household waste playing a huge role in global warming and it is increasing every second.

As archive boxes manufacturers, we are determined to play a positive role by producing eco-friendly products. The material used in our product is 100% recyclable and they are way ahead of cheap archive boxes when it comes to environmental friendliness.

You are free to choose if you require any add-ons like handles for your order or any other specific material that needs to be added to these boxes.

Our designers are available 24/7 on each business day to guide you through the process. You can send us your designs or we can create a marvelous design for your archive boxes and you don’t have to pay anything for it.

The die-cut technique used in our products makes them even more appealing and we don’t charge anything for that as well. Basically, we are giving you a complete package and we are only charging for the manufacturing part of it.

Take Advantage of Elite Archive Boxes Wholesale Packages

Every customer is a priority for us and our team stays in touch with you, following up with you with updates until your order reaches your doorstep. Our record in the market is immaculate since we have been in the business as we have got a 100% client satisfaction rate.

We have a quick turnaround time as your order will be delivered in 8 to 10 business days. We are globally known for our high-quality archive boxes wholesale packages because of the quality services we provide at extremely affordable rates. We are all about giving our best every time.

Serve Your Clientele with Branded Archive Boxes

Imagine having your own product line and having a branded packaging service for your products. No more random boxes appearing at your customers’ doors or no hassle for your customers to find your archive boxes in the market as they would easily recognize your brand.

Start a new journey of success and let us help you out. Even if you want multiple boxes for your office we would be happy to facilitate you. Our customer support agents are available 24/7 and you can just drop a message on our website if you want any kind of information.