A Guide to Creating a Winning Custom Packaging Design


The word custom packaging can evoke both joy and fear in a new venture. Custom designing can be an overwhelming task. Packaging needs vary based on items you sell and their place of sale. Taking one step too far will likely lead to the other failing. Customization is the key to keeping your brand name and ensuring success. But, how should the process begin? Creating a winning custom package is easy when you follow some tips.

Take a Look at Your Packaging Needs

Hold off on choosing your colors. Identify your goals with your packaging design first. Taking this step is a must. In addition to shipping products, custom-branded packaging also serves as a marketing tool. Consider the following questions:

What Is The Right Channel To Sell Packaging Made To Order?

There are needs for every selling channel. So, when designing a custom package, you should consider those needs. Think practically. Protect the item over its appearance. Custom wrapping is vital for those running their businesses online. However, the firms giving in-person experience have less concern with such packaging.

How Do You Package Your Products?

Designing a package is impossible until you know the type of item. You can choose the packaging features that best suit your product range. 

Packaging for fragile or huge items will need internal filling for safety. However, packaging may not be a suitable option for small items. An alternative to regular packaging is a mailer envelope. 

Custom labeling is a way to help your client recognize your brand using particular features. Custom boxes with logo are one of the best ways to express your brand identity. As a result, packaging designs often feature the logo. But there are several other ways too to create unique designs. Your package design must attract and please your clients. So, it’s essential to think creatively. 

Power of Simplicity

Due to the desire to stand out, a design with lots of details may be tempting. However, that can be a risk. It can be difficult for your clients to absorb your images if they are messy. If your competition tries to beat you with colors or patterns, a simple design will stand out. Try to keep the design minimal. You can use a single color scheme with unique styles. Sometimes, little things convey more. Keeping your package fresh will require variations on your brand details. Consistency is a key in marketing strategies, but it’s easy to get bored using the same graphics. Making a change in them can help your brand grow dynamically. 

Identify your unique selling point

Despite the dominance of the retail sector, your brand still has its name. It is so because every firm brings in its skills that no one owns. For businesses with a creative flair, customized packaging offers excellent benefits. Every brand tries to come in with its signature style. Signature-style always adds some extra value. When it comes to a specific niche or look, visuals with a focused theme stand out.

Tell a Story with Custom Packages

Nowadays, the packaging is more than just a container. Customization has become a tool for your brand to tell its story. Until quite recently, customers would only see your packaging. But now, the audience has expanded. The feeds on social media burst with thousands of brands. So, it takes something unusual to catch attention. So, you can add innovative material to your packaging design to convey your story to the audience. 

Take Flat Lay Photos

You can use flat lays to display items according to theme or collection. Moreover, it is a widely used content style. Thus, it is difficult for you to stand out. Still, it is a very effective tool to use to boost sales. A flat lay photograph tells a story about the product you want to sell. Designers often use bright colors to make a prominent focal point for their work. Online audiences will find this tool very useful. 

Keep It Interesting 

Innovative packaging is sure to attract attention online. It is a way to maintain your customers’ interest. In the absence of face-to-face contact, clients may not be able to grasp the essence of your brand. Creativity is key to telling your audience who you are. For example, content creators use blankets for cuddly toys to look full of humor and cuteness. 

Keep It Green

When brands think about product packaging design, the focus is on how it looks. However, the eco-impact of your package is also as important as looks. Or maybe more. This move toward green living is a future move. It is likely to be adopted by every possible brand out there. Avoid your client’s worry about packaging waste. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues. So, they support brands that help them in this regard. Your packaging should have a design that minimizes its environmental impact. Here are a few ways to make your packaging eco-friendly.

Keep plastic to a minimum

In the long run, plastics pose a serious threat. 91% of them never get recycled. So, an ideal brand should always take one step ahead. It should not contribute to the ongoing issues. Rather, it should take smart steps to lessen the impacts of those issues. A few examples of sustainable packaging are listed below:

· Corn starch

· Cardboard

· Paper

Uplift the Term ‘Reuse’

Rather than tossing away your packaging parts, ask your clients to reuse them. For example, use totes instead of soft plastic packaging. Your brand gets some free hype as well as helps to reduce waste. Ultimately, how well your packaging supports your business makes all the difference. You distinguish yourself from your competitors through your brand identity. With such a custom-covering recipe, your business will stand out.

Promote Soy-Based Inks

Your packaging’s sustainability depends on many factors. Ink is an essential element in printing your design. Conventional inks can pose harm to custom designs. In contrast, the inks of soybeans are cheap and ecological. Also, their colors last longer and are more vibrant. 

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